After Lacson and his wife chose to stay in the Philippines When he published a page book titled 12 Little Things Every. A booklet authored by Alexander Ledesma Lacson entitled “Twelve (12) Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country”, has been. The 12 Little Things We Can Do For Our Country. August 9, at AM. 1st: Follow by Alexander L. Lacson. 91 Likes33 Comments69 Shares · Share.

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A culture of discipline is crucial to our destiny as a nation. Feb 17, c. Do I follow these 12 little things? The dedication of the slim tome reveals his sincerity.

As Lacson put it in his book: Be a good parent. Aug 02, Rizel Calongcagong rated it it was amazing. If we learn to follow them, it could be the lowest form of ,ittle discipline we can develop as a people.

At one point, I can’t help comparing my reaction to my friends’ comments when that I felt like I was reading an essay written by a high school lirtle. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Each one of us, wherever we maybe, is a salesman of our country. I thought I was in the right like I did not notice the inconspicuous no left turn in some kind of large intersection. The second and third printings were about to sell out, too. With this book, he showed his patriotism and nationalism to the Philippines and he has a very admirable goal- to teach many other Filipinos about the things they can do to our country.


If it was No, they would leave and relocate abroad while they were still young and energetic. Be a good parent. Just one tiny flaw: From local radio station, television, newspapers, programs, you can hear or read the volunteers speaking of changes. Or I sometimes skip some positions blanks because all the candidates are either not qualified or worse, are even crooks.

12 Little Things You Can Do For Your Country- Alex Lacson | La Vita è Bella

The first was the imprisonment of one of his closest friends, Father Vicente Dangan, the leader of the Kristiyanong Katilingban of Kabankalan KKK; Christian Community of Thinhs and the parish priest of a church where Lacson served as an altar boy. It is they who talk to, dine or deal with foreigners either here or abroad. This leads to a better future that we are all aiming for a long time.

I don’t regularly practice half lkttle them.

Filipinos only lacks respect, as it mentioned in the book: Lacson and Soliven met for the first time on 15 Decemberfive months after the book was published. With the help of his father’s sisters, he found him in a remote barangay. Nov 03, Christopher Icamen added littpe. Filipinos are known to be a lot of good things, not the least of which is their tenacity in holding on to kernels of hope, however small. Teach your kids to follow the law and love our country.


Huminge ng resibo kapag kayo ay may biniling produkto. But Lacson calmly awaited his turn in traffic. That’s what I suggest. Anyway, the 12 things were doable.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

This [book] is one of the true definitions of a masterpiece. I had fruitlessly attempted calling my Stargate office on Ayala Avenue, then my associates and friends nearby. Pay it forward, Filipino. Alexander Ledesma Lacson, it turned out, modest as he was in bearing, was a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Law,and took up graduate studies at the Harvard Law School in Lityle, Mass.

At first blush, they seem simple. I’m not saying that the Philippines is a bad place to live in. ,acson must get home in a hurry!

Feb 28, Kenta. Ask for an official receipt. But during that period, aroundserious crimes and murders were committed yearly in that city. My mom got her copy of this book during a seminar this sounds familiar