A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub This book reveals the mystery behind dreams and out-of-body experiences, and provides the tools to. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams (一个星体之游及梦课程) by Belsebuub is now available as an ebook in Traditional Chinese, on our. The first course organized by subject that was run on the original website was Belsebuub’s free introductory course covering a variety of topics.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Astrla projection can change bu life forever.

Imagine floating up into the air, flying to distant places, or meeting with spiritual beings. This book offers the best astral travel techniques put together in a step-by-step guide by Belzebuub who has nearly 20 years of exp Astral projection can change your life forever.

This book offers the best astral travel asfral put together in a step-by-step guide by Belzebuub who has nearly 20 years of experience, and has today reached an advanced level of proficiency in astral projection and explorations out of the body.

You will receive precise guidance to help you to master the different stages belsebukb astral projection so that you can make the best use of your time out-of-body. In just nine chapters find out how to astral project when you want to, experience lucid dreaming and dream recall, and receive guidance from the astral plane and dreams.

Belzebuub has included a bonus dream symbol guide to interpret your dreams. Ancient texts from all over the world have referred xstral out of body experiences, as they are an intrinsic part of human spiritual experience, and have been used by mystics since the beginning of humanity to experience the greater multidimensional reality of life.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 06, Gabrielle rated it it belsebub amazing. My copy of this book is falling apart because I have used it so andd What I find most remarkable about this book is that Belsebuub’s explanations and guidelines have a depth to them that can only be gained through experience.

After the first few lessons, I got the impression that I would not be wasting my time if I practiced these techniques – an intuitive hunch: I was able to then focus on actually doing the practices and was able to achieve success by using them. Before I found this course, My copy of this book is falling apart because I have used it so much!

Before I found this course, I had tried to astral project without aa success. After practicing the first few exercises in this book, I started to see that these techniques were worthwhile. I have experienced astral projection, waking up in dreams, clearer dreams, an increase in the amount of dreams I can remember, and spiritual experiences within my dreams using these techniques.

Belsebuub presents several different techniques for astral projection and waking up in dreams. Of these, some of my favorites includes certain mantra practices and a practice that involves concentrating on your heart. He gives the information in a clear, straightforward way, and he also gives insight into common obstacles and how to persevere. One part of the book that I strongly value is the dream symbols guide.

Books and Courses by Belsebuub – Belsebuub Biography

The symbols and meanings are really focused on spiritual development. This helps me to feel connected to the spiritual through my dreams. After using these symbols as a guide for over five years, I have come to find them reliable and accurate.


Belsebuub also explains how to use the guide and the need to take into account and to develop and apply intuition when interpreting these. A very useful practice that Belsebuub gives is a mantra to remember dreams. You can actually view a video of this on his youtube channel. Further, the book is organized well. There is a definite, logical flow and sequence to the topics and exercises. I would recommend using it as the author suggests, taking the course a week at a time.

Great book, classic resource! Mar 07, Amy Bt rated it it was amazing. This book is fantastic! It is an 8 week course that teaches you about the astral plane and dreams, how to have concious out-of-body expereinces astral travel and how to start to understand your own psychology, which can lead to change and spiritual growth.

Aug 13, Jenny bg it it was amazing. I first read this book when I was interested in learning about astral projection, and I was amazed at the results.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams

This author really knows what he’s talking about. I found the book to be extremely clear and detailed, but focusing on what is essential for someone to learn to experience astral travel for themselves. It’s very down to earth and practical; organized into a 9 week exercise program format aimed at preparing a person to be successful at astral travelling on a consistent basis.

It is men I first read this book when I was interested in learning about astral projection, and I was amazed at the results.

As a perk, there are a lot of useful tips and techniques in this book that I haven’t come across in other sources on astral projection and it also has a very unique dream symbol guide attached, which I keep by my bedside and find very useful.

Definitely two thumbs up! View all 3 comments. Mar 27, Tami rated it really liked it. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a detailed 9 lesson 9 week course for those individuals wanting to learn about astral projection.

This series of lessons gives basic background information about astral projection and dreaming as well as step by step training exercises to increase concentration, focus, and awareness. Also contained within each lesson are questions from previous students of the author and the author’s responses to these queries. Questions from these students range from cl A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a detailed 9 lesson 9 week course for those individuals wanting to learn about astral projection.

Astral Travel & Dreams Course – Mysticweb

Questions from these students range from clarification on techniques to the sharing of personal astral experiences. The Astral Travel Course as well as three other related courses Searching Within, The Journey to Enlightenmentand Advanced Investigation are also available online free of charge at the Gnosticweb website www.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams is a very well set out easy to understand course. All material is written for the beginner. Therefore, the reader need not have any previous experience with astral projection or the theories behind astral projection.

This book takes the reader through a series of purposeful exercises to increase concentration, focus, and awareness. As the reader becomes more adept at these exercises, more information and more difficult exercises are added. This book even teaches several different astral projection techniques in detail. Thus, the reader gradually learns how to have an astral experience assuring that the experience can be successfully replicated and that such experiences will not be negative or frightening.

Aug 06, Alex rated it it was amazing. This bellsebuub has the most clear and easy to understand instructions about astral projection of all the books I’ve read on astral projection. The book also gives some tips about what to do when you’ve projected, how to stay longer in the astral plane and deal with common obstacles encountered there in the best way.


The author also explains about the nature of dreams, why we have them, how our psyche influences our dreams and its basic structure. Also, the book explains about the nature of nightmares and bad dreams, and focuses on how to deal with negative influence in the astral. This book also teaches how we can use our conscious astral experiences and dreams to gain self-knowledge and type of knowledge we otherwise have no ways of getting in the physical plane.

Importantly, the book also teaches how to overcome common obstacles that prevent people from being successful in astral projection, and how to best prepare onself for night time astral projection practice during the day, so that we have clear and objective experiences of the astral plane when we project there. The book comes with some inspiring stories of students’ successful astral projection experiences, which can be a great source of inspiration for someone, who wants to achieve astral projections themselves.

Personally, I’ve had many regular conscious astral experiences after applying the techniques given in this book, and so I can recommend this book for any serious astral projection enthusiast, who is willing to put the required amount of efforts into practicing the techniques described in the book. Jul 27, Roumissette rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Beginners and Advanced Spiritualists: Ok, so before I bought this book, I was highly unfamiliar with the term “Astral” or even “out-of-body experiences”.

I had heard about them, and though never doubted the reality of out-of-body experiences, I thought you had to be someone special to have them. I come from a family background where experience is what counts, not theory. So I absolutely loved the fact that this book is highly practical and not theory based. Sometimes you are given several techniques to try and learn, other times, it is just one technique. But all-in-all, it’s you and the technique. I was not very diligent with my practices for the first weeks, but I thought that given that I really wanted to know and experience an out-of-body experience myself and that this book was giving me the keys on how to do it, that I should do a better effort at trying the techniques.

So one morning, I did 2 exercises that were taught in the book: And within less than 10 minutes, I was floating outside of my body. This was absolutely amazing.

I can’t even describe the feeling I had being outside of my body – I just felt closer to myself than ever. I am not sure how adn to describe, I just felt closer to home. Anyway, that was the first OBE I had but not the last, thanks to this book. So I highly recommend this book: If you actually try the techniques given and give them the attention they require, you will astral project, there is not doubt about that.

Aug 05, Jordan rated it it was amazing. This book is a most practical and efficient guide that one could ask for. In it, Belzebuub explains the step-by-step process that has taught me and so many others learn how to astral travel. Zstral techniques for the actual projection are given, as well as useful exercises that can be done during the day to increase our chances of successfully projecting. It’s truly amazing when you get it right and can verify all the things said about the astral for yourself.

I am very thankful personally that th This book is a most practical and efficient guide that one could ask for.