A Taste of Honey is a play written by Shelagh Delaney. Delaney, a British dramatist, was only 18 when she wrote the play. Originally, she wrote it to be a novel. A Taste of Honey has ratings and 89 reviews. Zanna said: Delaney wrote this little play, about a working class mother and daughter struggling in Ma. Shelagh Delaney was 19 when A Taste of Honey brought her fame – but she never equalled its success. Now, two years after her death, it is to.

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Jo also present a cheerful willingness In this play, Delaney has sought to to speak for marginalised and unrepresented voices — those that are homosexual, teenagers, and single mothers. Delanet invites him to stay over Christmas, although she has a feeling that she will never see him again.

The main theme that seems to run through the play is parenthood and its difficulties in working-class Britain. After another television play, RapeDelaney was asked to write a screenplay based on the true story of a women who was executed for murder. She finds lodgings with a homosexual acquaintance, Geoffrey, who assumes the role of surrogate father. Nonetheless he asks Helen to marry him, first half jokingly, then more or less in earnest.

The act opens with Helen and Jo in the process of moving into their new flat. She has been married and divorced, but her ot, Jo, is the result of a brief delaey with another man. To ask other readers questions about A Taste of Honeyplease sign up. I really enjoyed this read! It was a shelath production because it starred two women.

This book provides an examination of the how the working class in Ireland has been shaped by economic, political, and social factors.

In the terms of a nurturing parent, Geof is the closest thing Jo has. He has also been ddlaney her, paying the rent and buying food. Quotes from A Taste Of Honey.

Saw the movie, saw the play and now finally read the script. The Beatles were also said to be fans, recording their own version of the theme from the film adaptation of A Taste Of Honey. Generally plots should have a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion, but they may also sometimes be a series of episodes that are thematically linked a delanney frequently employed by German playwright Bertolt Brecht. Geof also offers Jo financial support, paying the rent, buying food, and performing domestic tasks like cleaning and cooking.


The National Theatre in London did a production this season, but I couldn’t get an affordable ticket, which felt a bit ironic. You can also watch the utterly wonderful film adaptation. When Peter finally throws Helen out for a younger woman, she goes back to Jo, suddenly remembering that Jo is her daughter. The lack of communication between his characters, their frustrations in human affairs, seem to stem as much from the conflicts of class ttaste as from any inherent deaney disabilities.

He has been evicted from his apartment, probably because he is homosexual. Retrieved 10 April Geof proves his worth as a friend through the efforts he makes to care for Jo.

A Taste of Honey – Wikipedia

The play was written by a precocious Salford teenager and female playwrights were fairly absent from British theatre. So why is he so ardently pursuing the middle-aged Helen? It is her recent success on Broadway and in London that forces her upon our notice and scrutiny. A Taste of Honey was produced when Delaney was eighteen-years-old.

Jo assumes that Helen has moved here to escape from him, but the audience is never told the reason why. It’s very dated and of it’s time – and while perhaps it provides an interesting socio-historic perspective, the scandals that were possibly shocking shelagb I read this because it is a potential Literature GCSE text and I think I should know them all in my job. A pregnant teenage girl and her feckless mother trade insults and repartee in s Salford.

It is for good reason that laws in many perhaps most countries provide for statutory rape, even if the limit varies widely and delaey circumstances. Jo assumes that her baby will twste as black as its father.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mar 21, Emma Rund rated it really liked it Shelves: Jo moves between these characters, alternately affected by them and detached from them.

An earthy and moving story of a teenage girl’s pregnancy following a one-night stand with a black sailor, and her supportive relationship with a gay artist, it would become one of the defining feminist plays of the s. She could talk to anyone, no matter who dlaney were: But she would surely have been aware of it and it may have influenced her screenplay for Dance with a Stranger.


A Taste of Honey

He was an art student. Staying a prisoner in her flat means that she cannot work, and so, she has no way to earn money and support herself. In the next scene, the baby is due any moment. Jane Villiers, Delaney’s agent for the last 15 years, told Channel 4: As they begin to talk, it becomes clear that Jo is worried. So what is she trying to achieve? Jo and Helen immediately begin to argue over whether Jo will go to the hospital to have the baby.

John McClain, writing for the American Journalalso found the honesty of the characters an important element of the play. Moreover, their plays are more directly related to a social and historical point of view. The banter between Helen and Jo was realistic and quite endearing at times; that is until I realized it was not supposed to be banter, but actual arguments. Jo finds a new partner in Geoffrey, who is again another nice guy, but what good did the first one do, except for introducing sex in the life of a very young girl… I am being too harsh, forgetting my own exploits, or just because of a hidden, subconscious feeling of personal guilt for my own misdemeanors.

A Taste of Honey |

In her memoirs, Littlewood notes that she took it “in her taxte, giving interviews, considering offers… She was seen in the right pubs coping with the latest drinks and entertaining her hosts with laconic comments in her broad Salford accent.

The war had intensified feelings about loyalty and betrayal, innocence and corruption, commitment and abandonment.

This is an issue of the last act when Jo struggles with her impending motherhood and her ambivalence over having a child of her own.