A simplified design and optimization method of aerospike nozzle contour and the results of tests and numerical simulation of aerospike nozzles are presented. advantages of the aerospike nozzle is the ability to achieve thrust vectoring aerodynamically Figure 1 compares two aerospike-based nozzle designs to their. design strategy. Introduction. A multidisciplinary analytic model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle has been developed; this model includes predictions.

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In the linear aerospike the spike consists of a tapered wedge-shaped plate, with exhaust exiting on either desing at the “thick” end. Aerospike length from origin Lnozzle: The aerospike engine is a type of rocket engine that maintains its aerodynamic efficiency across a wide range of altitudes. For the example presented in Figure 2 and Figure 3, where the exit Mach number is 2.

Show or hide the main data window from view or from being printed. An aerospike rocket engine aerosspike to eliminate this loss of efficiency.

Several desigb of the design exist, differentiated by their shapes. In the Aerospike Nozzle Data section added a display of Distance from throat origin to end of thruster.

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But this rocket design was never launched. Specify custom or user-defined gases by inserting Ratio of specific heats for exhaust g and Gas constant of exhaust Rgas in the Aerospike Nozzle Data section. However, sometimes a sharp corner at the throat may be impractical. Liquid Fuel Propellant Gases. However, the user can over-ride any input value by inserting new data directly into each data entry box on the Aerospike Nozzle Design screen.


Topics Discussed in This Paper. Nozle minimum length nozzle has the smallest possible throat-to-exit length that is still capable of aerospke uniform supersonic flow at the exit.

See Figure 1 below.

The main data entry area is displayed by default. Contour plots used with permission from reference. This design has the advantage of being stackable, allowing several smaller engines to be placed in a row to make one larger engine while augmenting steering performance with the use of individual engine throttle control.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Graphically display the outer flow boundary for under expanded flow, over expanded flow and the angle of the nozle boundary flow.

Retrieved 30 May Small-scale aerospike engine development using a hybrid rocket propellant configuration has been ongoing by members of the Reaction Research Society. Design Mach number Mdesign: Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The development on the RS was formally halted in nozzoe when the X program did not receive Space Launch Initiative funding.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Rocket Nut’s design uses an untruncated Annular Aerospike arrospike as illustrated in Figure Found by interation of Equation 1 and displayed in lower data region. All important flow properties are displayed in real time as the locator moves from point to point in the flow field described by the characteristic mesh of the aerospike.

Radius of the internal portion of the thruster duct from point 1 throat to point 2 Ra. In this case the slightly upgraded J-2S engine machinery was used with a linear spike, creating the XRS Requires QuickTime from Apple Computer. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.


Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design

This plot properly scaled was used as a template. In theory this requires an infinitely long spike for best efficiency, but by blowing a small amount of gas out of the center of a shorter truncated spike like base bleed in an artillery shellsomething similar can be achieved. Width of ramp for linear aerospike nozzles Lramp.

For comparison purposes all results are referenced to the curved sonic line analysis for 2-D and 3-D axisymmetric nozzles. As a by product of the oblique shock wave analysis AeroSpike determines the shock wave angle for overexpanded flow and plots both the outer boundary contour and the initial shock wave from the lip of the cowl.

Aerospike Nozzle and Minimum Length Nozzle Design

KorteHerbert DunnA. Showing of 8 extracted citations. Selected from pull-down menu or user-defined. Aerospike length from origin Lnozzle. The ideal contour or shape of the external ramp of the aerospike nozzle is determined using isentropic nozlze flow theory. The RS was to power the VentureStar single-stage-to-orbit vehicle. Ratio of specific heats g: Determine shapes and flow properties of 3-D Minimum Length Nozzles using an approximation noazle based on 2-D results.