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Today, ATI unveils the AIW Pro, adding to the AIW’s impressive lineage in the process. The All-In-Wonder dates all the way back to the. Buy ATI AIW Pro M P/N Graphics Cards – Amazon .com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Find great deals for ATI AIW Pro m Graphics Card- . Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This is the third generation of AIW card I have reviewed. The previous two proved to be interesting but, ultimately, frustrating products. The AIW Pro has moved perceptibly along the road towards the Eldorado of multimedia PC perfection, but there is still a long way to go. On paper the AIW Pro is stunning.

ATI All in Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro

You get exactly the same stunning Radeon Pro 3D games performance and features as standard cards. Dual monitor capability is also provided. The excellence of the Radeon 3D platform is well documented.

So what about the AIW-specific features? The card has two custom connectors. One is for an analogue AV capture breakout box, including S-video in.

There is no digital terrestrial broadcast support. Ais AIW cards offered hardware assistance for software video codec work, but later cards, like the AIW Pro use a Theater hardware video codec.


ATI has also included various measures for smoothing Internet video streams and cleaning up digital video artefacts. There is also a smart Teletext decoder, DVD player and a video still capture management application. The TV application is the most interesting as it offers digital video recorder options up to DVD resolution and frame rate, plus live TV pause awi resume.

Preview: ATI’s All-In-Wonder Pro – The Tech Report – Page 1

Timed recordings are also possible. ATI no longer sells its own branded cards and most ATI-powered graphics cards are made by third parties.

Our review card came direct from ATI and was not supplied with bonus software provided by some suppliers, like video editing packages, for example. We did receive a radio frequency remote control, though not all resellers supply this as standard.

Warranty & Support

The remote, with its USB radio receiver, is non-directional, meaning you can hide your PC behind the sofa in your living room. Installing the AIW Pro proved to be a long and unpleasant process. Like all Radeon cards, an extra power source is required to supplement the juice provided by the AGP bus.

On the card the socket is the one used on the humble 3. ATI does warn customers that a W minimum power supply is necessary. A W PSU upgrade fixed that. While ATI has streamlined the driver and MMC applications installation process nicely, configuring the display driver to work with a TV as well as a PC monitor proved to be very unintuitive. For a qiw, the TV must be connected for it to be selectable in the setup dialogue. You need a PC monitor near your TV during setup.


Even then the configuration UI cries out for a total redesign. Watching TV and DVDs, recording TV to disk and capturing video proved to be reliable, though once again the user interface was a struggle.

Goodness knows how reliable this would be under Windows 98! US customers get a sophisticated interactive TV guide, but this never got off the ground over here, though teletext support is pretty good.

ATI AIW Pro m Graphics Card- | eBay

ATI urgently needs a re-think of the driver and application configuration UI. You might hope it’s a viable alternative to a TiVo box, but in reality the live TV on demand function is flaky. The best monitor The best Chromebook Our pick of the top Chrome OS laptops.

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