Arval by ArcelorMittal offering steel building systems and solutions made of profiles and insulated sandwich panels or composite panels for roofing and cladding. Arval organises its offer according to your expectations and those of the users, whether it is durable solutions and colours, adaptation to extreme weather. Material & coatings. Freedom of colours. Our well known Hairplus and Hairultra coating have been recognised as the best for many years. Discover an.

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This creates products with longer life and greater resistance to chemical and attacks and to very high hygrometry. Create patinated or brilliant effects, chechmates or arceloe and multiply the sources inspiration with a broad collection aspects: Discover an unrivalled range of paint systems and metallic coatings as stainless steel in our material guide; Some aggressive environments are subjected to a prior environmental questionnaire for further paint arccelor by our technical services.

Product selector Accessories Arclad Service. Hairplus offers a modern range of more that 40 colours for Roofing and Cladding including an extended metallic colours variety.

When used in roofs, colour stability enables the achievement of a consistent even tone, wich is unattainable from the majority of other roofing materials. Print Sitemap Developed by a ware.


Global Floor Composite floors systems. Discover cladding systems for different support materials, such as metal, wood, concrete or brickwork. Global Structure Construction with light gauge steel sections. Profil Du Futur 8, rue de Fortschwihr B. Keyron Keyron combines steel with a protective thermoplastic coating. Hairexcel offers a unique combination of properties, such as: Light gauge framing Structure.

Our finished products regularly checked by an external, independent organisation. Product selector Accessories Arclad Service. Interieur is a thin paint system consisting of a polyester for internal use. Features Excellent chemical resistance Good corrosion resistance Excellent UV resistance Excellent abrasion and erosion resistance Excellent scratch resistance Color retention and views Very high durability.

Systems and solutions

Non combustible Panels Fire Panels. Hairplus – more than 40 colours Hairplus offers a modern range of more that 40 colours for Roofing and Cladding including an extended metallic colours variety.

Technical advice PDF format. Discover an unequalled offer where symphony of colors and matters inspires the most beautiful architectural partitions.

The Arval process aims to develop sustainable systems with recyclable and recycled steel, and optimised coats, so that your creations are in harmony with the environment. Discover an unrivalled range of metallic or plain colours from the range Hairplus and Hairultra.

Fascia board – Multibeam. Fishplate for type A and B – Multibeam. Interieur for inside use Zrcelor is a thin paint system consisting of a polyester for internal use.


Construction – ArcelorMittal Distribution

Visible dynamics with pioneering technology Architecture is an art, through which the magination is emotionally enriched by external impressions.

Design creative facades with a huge selection of materials, such as colour-coated steel, aluminium, copper or stainless steel in matt, patinated, arcelorr or with a high-gloss look. Standard colour is white Exceed the standards, release your imagination, Arval de ArcelorMittal puts in scene your most creative challenges. Details of the assembly DWG format. Multilok tie – Multibeam. The coating offers different relief patterns: They are in constant contact with our shipper to guarantee you delivery when you want it.

More than 12 years success of Hairexcel Hairexcel continues to set new performance benchmarks. Contacts Contact form international.

From roofing and arfal, to architectural zrval, our coatings have performed for construction industry for more than 40 years.

Arval by ArcelorMittal Imagine and build your vision Systems and Solutions for roof, facade, composite floor and light gauge structure in an unrivalled range.