Bratu D., Negruţiu Meda – Simulatoarele aparatului dento-maxilar, Lito U.M.F., Bratu D., Nussbaum R. – Bazele clinice şi tehnice ale protezării fixe, Editura. Bratu D, Nussbaum R. Bazele clinice și tehnice ale protezării fixe. Bucharest: Editura Rândașu I, Stanciu L. Restaurări protetice dentare fixe. Bratu, D., Bratu, E., Zawadzki, F. () A decade of own experience in reduced frontal edentation with acid () Bazele clinice şi tehnice ale protezării fixe.

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SCIndeks – Article

Restoration of anterior maxillary edentulous areas with fixed prostheses. Fakultet zubne medicine U.

Prosthetic restoration of anterior maxillary edentulous protezaril has undergone dramatic changes. Traditional fixed solutions are still viable, especially when the teeth that limit the space are decayed or devitalized. If the teeth that limit the space are vitals and caries-free, especially in young people, adhesive bridges are used as long-term provisional or semi-permanent restorations or implant supported prosthesis.


The letter is not to be used under the age of 15 years in girls and 17 in boys.

Bratu, Dorin 1942-

The present article discusses 26 cases 10 male and 16 female treated from in our clinic: Within the traditional prostheses retainers and complete crowns were made and the resin-bonded prostheses were of different kinds retention-beads, sandblasted surface, chemical bond. There were stage I and stage II implants.

Resin-bonded prostheses and implant-supported prostheses are remarkable alternatives that should be applied more often instead of traditional fixed solutions. Article add to mySelection [0] related records [7] how to cite this article Permalink Article metrics citations in SCindeks: Keywords jaw ; edentulous ; partially ; denture ; partial ; fixed ; dental implants. Cerma – News Letter1: Community Dent Oral Epidemiol22 6: J Dent Res70 2: J Am Dent Assoc Driven implant placement with restauration – generated site development.

Compend Contin EducDent16 8str. J Can Dent Assoc66 8: Einige klinische aspekte des ein-zelzahnrzatzes implantologie.


Dtsch Zahnarutl Z49 3str. J Prosthet Dent30 4: Quintessence publishing Co, Inc.