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Return to Standard Operating Procedures. It uses a multi-angle absorption photometer to measure the radiation fields in the forward and back hemisphere of a glass-fibre filter caused by deposited particles.

BGI OMNITM FT Ambient Air Sampler

This approach allows use of aerosol radiative transfer theory to essentially remove scattering effects that otherwise impact on the derived light absorption coefficient; the data inversion algorithm takes multiple scattering processes inside the deposited aerosol and between the aerosol layer and the filter matrix explicitly into account.

Operational flow rate is controlled to Exhaust port exhausted to outside laboratory, via bench-end extractor. During normal operation, the keyboard usually is locked. Changing operational and calibration parameters are only possible after enabling the keyboard.

With the keyboard enabled only operational changes are possible. To calibrate the unit, a code must be entered to access calibration rights.

Hitting the Mark

Record in check sheet. Observe the instrument display. Check if there are any instrument Status conditions or Errors present. Identifying and interpreting the error codes are described in Chapters 3 bgu 6 of the manual. Record in check sheet and Particles Logbook. Observe instrument output — check that data are within normal expected ranges. The principal 3-monthly check is an audit of the MAAP inlet flow.


Hitting the Mark | Ignite Sport

gbi Flow rate in the MAAP is determined using an orifice plate located after the filter tape. The flow rate is then calculated from the pressure drop measured at the orifice plate together with pressure and temperaturesee Figure 1.

Flow check as per Chapter 5 of the manual. Record the average reading in the particle log, the value should be Clean the grit-pot on the 0512 cyclone and regrease lightly with silicone grease. Temperature and pressure calibration are described in section 4.

Put MAAP into calibration mode will require the access code: Record details in the Particles log.

Scroll down to Barometric Pressure, record pressure indicated by MAAP and either station level pressure from Obs or from a traceable barometric sensor. Carry out flow audit, and then a zero check, also perform differential pressure sensor calibration if the flow calibration has shifted appreciably.

For the zero check attach a Hepa cartridge filter to the inlet, scroll down to the Service menu, enable the keys and proceed to open the head and advance the filter, stop the motor and close the head. Scroll back to normal operation.


Leave the filter in place for sufficient time to determine the zero level, this can be read by scrolling down the display to give last 0512, 3 hour and 24 hour averages. 5102 is desirable to run for at least 3 hours with filtered air to assess the noise level.

Record all information in the Particles log. Record initial and final readings in the Particles Logbook. If required, replace the carbon vanes in the vacuum pump as per chapter 5 and 7 of the manual. Service the pump outside of the laboratory so that carbon dust does not contaminate the airspace.

Be sure to check correct rotation of the spools and correct spool tension. Follow the checks in the last paragraph on page Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History.

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