Introduction to Functional Programming has 79 ratings and 8 reviews. Matthew said: Bird and Wadler (1st ed.) is one of two classic introductions to compu. I am a founding member of IFIP WG Functional Programming, and served as functional programming, by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. . In The Fun of Programming, A symposium in honour of Professor Richard Bird’s 60th. for Imperative Functional Programming by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler. .. Richard Bird and Philip Wadler’s Introduction to Functional Programming.

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Introduction to Functional Programming

The first edition has an example on solving the 8 queens problem with backtracking, unfortunately this example was dropped in the second edition. James Rutherford UG4blog. A Basis for Concurrency and Distribution.

A paper describing the book appeared in SBMFand won the prize for best paper. Jun 18, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: Jewish calendar A request: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Richard Simpson Bird is a computer scientist.

Philip Wadler’s home page

The four instead of five stars is because, unfortunately, it is not as self-contained as it claims to be, and some of the exercises can’t be tackled with only the introduction to the topic given by the author.

I can understand that as well. Return to Book Page. James McCreary UG4blog.

Bird and Wadler, Introduction to Functional Programming is a classic. They have | Hacker News

One of the most inspiring CS book I’ve ever read. Miranda was developed in the 80’s when there wasn’t the notion of “open source languages” Miranda was released in the same fucntional as GCC. Edzo rated it it was amazing Jul 02, I appear at position 6 in a list of most acknowledged researchers.


Daouda Traore rated it really liked it Nov 30, Related to this I have seen interviews with Eric Meijer where he talked about preferring the first edition of this book because is was more conceptual and not Haskell specific.

This is rather unfair.

It presents a simple model of evaluation, discusses efficiency e. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I have started reading the first book pogramming a PDF and can see his point. Shreedhar Kotekar rated it really liked it May 05, Bird and Wadler 1st ed.

As in the first edition, there is an emphasis on the fundamental techniques for reasoning about functional programs, and for deriving them systematically from their specifications.

David Turner’s work on Miranda invented a lot of features taken for granted by Haskell, his contribution to programming is huge. All in all, it is an excellent book with which to hone theory, and for that I can’t recommend it enough. Look up some of his presentations on YouTube The point this book makes is that progressing throug For me, this was a great book for learning Haskell.

What was great about the treatment was that each new concept was introduced with little fanfare. In I met Philip Wadler, one of the authors, on the Joy of Coding conference where he kindly signed my copy of this book. Still a good book. The second edition uses the popular language Haskell to express functional programs.

The second edition is my favourite book on Haskell. I think this book is also a great introductory text on Haskell, however I found that as soon as I tried writing Haskell programs that I often had to read material from other tutorials, and kept having to refer to Real World Haskell. Published by Prentice Hall first published January 1st Linguistic side effectsby Ken Shan cites my work on monads.


Adolfo rated it liked it Birr 04, Language-agnostic to the extent that most code can be easily translated to most modern functional programming languages.

Postgraduate study at Edinburgh. I was a principal designer of Haskell. I have read both editions. Michael progrxmming it it was amazing Mar 17, Bar Shirtcliff rated it really liked it Feb 14, Pepe rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Casts may mediate between dynamic and static types, or between simple and dependent types. Neil Campbell UG4blog.

Regardless of whether it is fair to imply that Miranda “should have been” open source which Nathan didn’t assertI think it is fair to speculate that if Miranda had been opened regardless of how unconventional it would have been at the functiobal to progrramming soHaskell quite possibly would not have come into being – Miranda would very likely have been adapted to fill the same niche.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If language is your only consideration when choosing the edition, I’d choose Haskell because it’s more popular and free, and hence easier to get hands-on experience with.