Briss latest version: Handy app to eliminate blank space from PDFs. Use the preview button to make sure you have what you need and hit Crop PDF. Hi! I own a Cybook since two years and was bugged that there is no easy-to-use open-source software for cropping pdf files so the last couple. Briss is a free program for Windows that you can use to crop contents of PDF documents easily.

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Briws wanted to crop a PDF document or eBook? Briss is a freeware software that allows you to do this visually, by drawing rectangles over the page layout of your PDF.

It works great in conjunction with ebook reading devices, to remove excess margins and hone in on the text or content of the document, or for cropping multiple columns of text to create a page out of each for example. This program is designed to crop PDF pages in batch, but makes a distinction between odd and even pages, as these are often aligned differently in documents such as ebooks.

Crop PDF documents comfortably with Briss – gHacks Tech News

It will group all the different page sizes in your document together and will require the user to make cropping decisions for each group of pages that is of a similar size.


It also provides the option to exclude certain pages or page ranges from the cropping action. So, two thumbs up to Briss for that alone. So, a great tool overall.

However, I really do hope this program is pushed forward a bit more, if only to allow the copying of user created rectangles. Go to the program project page to download the latest version approx 4 megs. For those who come here brias awesome freeware: Looking for the absolute easiest way to root your Android?

Crop PDF documents comfortably with Briss

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How to easily transcribe audio or crpp recordings into text update. Home Platform Linux Briss: Briss is multiplatform and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here are some notes on this program: Next draw a rectangle over each group of pages on the screen to specify the cropping area.

Briss: crop your PDF documents using a visual interface

Some documents, like the one in the screenshot above, will be orderly and contain only two groups or odd and even pages, others can be have many groups, like the one in the screenshot to the right.

Multiple rectangles will produce multiple duplicate pages cropped differently, as per each rectangle you draw. Someone has a sense of humor! What I like about this program: Brias odd and even pages: Semi-transparently displays the contents of each group of pages: See screenshot to the right for an example.


The ability to copy a rectangle and re-apply it on another group of pages: What you see is not always what you get. I noticed this when presented with 3 groups of pages to crop. The first one a single page just would not be cropped the way I wanted it to no matter how hard I tried.

I hope this can be fixed in future releases. How about it guys?

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