Pablo de Sarasate. Caprice basque (Capricho vasco), for violin & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. musical score | 8p. | Pablo de Sarasate’s Caprice Basque, annotated by Roman Totenberg. Musical Score (Form). [PDF] + Video – Violin and Piano – Romantic * License: Public Domain -.

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Caprice Basque, Op.24 (Sarasate, Pablo de)

Pablo de Sarasate was born in Pamplona, Navarre the son of an army bandmaster. His extraordinary talent caught the attention of a wealthy music-loving patron, the Countess of Espoz and Mina. Her financial support eventually allowed young Pablo to move to Madrid to further his studies. The media was already taking notice of his abilities as evidenced in a review by the Gaceta musical de Madrid in He has a bright and flawless technique, remarkable intonation, self-assurance on stage, and a wonderful sense of phrasing.

He is so natural, exciting the enthusiasm and admiration of the audience, which could hardly believe what they were hearing at the moment. At the age of 12, his patroness supplied him with a Stradivarius violin as well as the necessary funds to study in Paris, gaining admission to the violin class of Jean-Delphin Alard at the Paris Conservatoire.


Sarasate, Pablo de | Caprice Basque (Capricho vasco) Op. 24

After only one and one half years of study he won the coveted first prize in violin. The Revue sarasqte Gazete musicale de Paris described the public concert that was a requirement before the awarding of this prize in this way: This child not only plays the violin as a master but he is also as musical as the music itself. He has been awarded a first prize in music theory and has deciphered everything as if he had already szrasate it, with perfect taste, with feeling, with style.

There were excellent students besides him, with many more years of work behind them, but they played and sight read much worse.

He gradually gained success as a soloist and by the s was performing in important venues in Europe, England, Scandinavia, North and South America. He wrote in a letter in of sarwsate by then was a typical schedule: My concerts in Berlin have been magnificent and every time we had to turn away more than a thousand people.

However a good deal of his concert repertoire consisted of the 54 works with opus numbers that he had written.

They all display his incredible saradate, with the majority incorporating Spanish folk melodies and dances. They capture some of the essence of Spain and are above all brilliant showpieces to display his beautiful sound, melodic expression, elegant phrasing and technical wizardry.


Carl Flesh, the great virtuoso performer and violin pedagogue wrote of Sarasate: The history of violin playing cannot be imagined without him. Caprice Basque Capricho vasco Op.

Caprice basque (Capricho vasco), for violin & piano, Op. 24

It begins with the rhythm and gestures of a typical Basque folk dance called Zortziko. Sarasate was no doubt familiar with Basque culture, as his hometown of Pamplona is next to Basque Country. The violin part is a virtuoso tour de force, with its harmonics, double and triple stops, fast passages, and left hand pizzicatos.

It is today still a favorite of both violinists and audiences. Pamplona, 10 March — d.

Free sheet music : Sarasate, Pablo de – Op – Caprice Basque (Violin and Piano)

Biarritz, 20 September Pablo de Sarasate was born in Pamplona, Navarre the son of an army bandmaster. Add to cart Details. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our sarsaate.

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