Garlock. All dimensions are in inches. Preferred sizes are indicated with bold type face. Sizes listed are for standard nitrile elements, except Models 25 and 62 . Call Garlock Rubber Technologies for unsur- passed quality and service, including: • Everything in rubber sheeting including SBR, natural, nitrile, neoprene. The Garlock® Valve. Company. In , we became the first company besides DuPont to process Teflon®. PTFE fluoropolymer for industrial sealing.

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Meeting and exceedingyour most rigoroussealing requirements. Garlock companies offer advanced sealing solutions for thevaried needs of power generation industries, With a vastcatalog of sealing products, we offer solutions based on thespecific demands Sealing products for the fossilfuel power industry: Garlock offers productsto suit a broad Our family of fluid sealing Our gasketing and oil seal High PerformanceSealing Solutions forChemical ProcessingPersonal safety is important in every industry, but when sensitive,hazardous or unstable chemicals are involved, the need to protectemployees from exposure becomes paramount.

The Leader in SafetyAs the global leader in highly engineered sealing solutions, Garlock makes safetythe number one priority and driving force behind everything we do. Our productsperform critical functions in the industries we serve.

We go the extra The way to more operating efficiencyGarlock Compression PackingOne of the oldest sealing methods is the use of braided fibers. Due to continual industrial development, the required standards forsealing technologies in general Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitablility. For specific application recommendations consult Garlock. Sterilization cycles are carried out in theshortest possible Your specific application should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for suitability.

Supplier Information Garlock Sealing Technologies Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints: Safe — Reliable — DurableGarlock Rubber Expansion JointsDependable absorption of movements and vibrations in piping systemAn expansion joint is a specially engineered product inserted in a piping system in DINType M1DN0 d mm 0 D mm T mm ,03,,03,,03,,04,,04,,04,,04,,04,,04,,06,,06,,06,4DIN Abrasive media is sealed as good as Garlock is at the forefront of this As a result of their safety, reliability and Garlock packing is designed to give the user the greatest return on initial Sealing Integrity for the Food and Beverage Industry They gaelock an important role in assuring the safety of food,beverages, cosmetics and many other consumer products A Culture ctaalogo SafetyGarlock is acknowledged as the global leader in high-performance fluid sealingproducts.

This leadership includes the commitment to a culture of safety and thededication to making the world a safer, more sustainable and reliable place Garlock Compression PackingCompression Packing Products were once used to seal visibleleakage garllck valves and control leakage in pumps.

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Throughadvancements in materials, design and technology, Garlockis now able to seal the most difficult fugitive emissions Garlock Compression PackingValve Packing: Please inquire about special materials Applications Based Solutions – Industrial PumpsIndustrial pumps are key equipment gralock the efficient operation of your plant systems. Key to this operation catalkgo keeping equipment in service and running efficiently.


Ourfamily of fluid sealing products addresses Applications Based Solutions – Coal PulverizersPulverizers are one of the critical paths to efficient operation. Keeping the bearingsin a clean oil bath is critical to the smooth operation of the grinding process.

Ourgasketing and oil seal products have The molded raised ribs help to create a tighter Suitable for use in potable water,steam and most chemicals.

The demands of aluminum and steel processing take theirtoll on machinery. Extreme temperatures and high levels ofcontamination, if not properly addressed, will have anegative effect on equipment A culture of safety. The Garlock family of companies is acknowledged as the global cataloto in high-performance fluid sealing products,committed to a culture of safety– making the world safer, sustainable and more reliable.

Our commitment to safety stems As a garlocl metals cata,ogo, your mission is to optimize output and cost per ton. Garlock sealing products and solutions help make your operations safer, minimize downtime, and comply with industry regulations.

Our cataloog in design and engineering enableus Bearing Isolators — Meeting Tough Demands! Figure 3 is yet another version of hybrid labyrinth seal technology. In this design, cellular foam is used in combination with standardlabyrinth and unitizing technology to prevent contamination ingress. The microcellular foam prevents ingress or airborne Electric Motor LabyrinthRollsFigure 4 Run-out tableDuring this cooling process, power transmission systems are often exposed to airborne contamination and oftentimes corrosivecooling solutions.

The power transmission system, in this example, consisted It isproduced using an environmentally friendly solvent-free processand combines Garlock Diaphragm Garock Solutions for the Food and Pharmaceutical IndustriesIndustrial Expertise and Material ExcellenceThe Garlock Family of Companies are the acknowledged globalleader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performancefluid Wework to ensure our products are certified to the higheststandards the Your specificapplication should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation for Style Product Specification1.

Controlunits are utilized to prevent over-elongation; thus prolonging the life expectancy Its low spring rates make it ideal for load cell applications. Styles and Styles and are U-type expansion joints con- structed of specialty rubber and fabric. Available in round or rectangular configurations, they are often used as flexible connectors between a turbine and condenser, Styles and These PTFE concentric spool-type flexible couplings are designed to reduce noise and compensate for expansion, contraction and minor piping misalignment in chemical processing, air catalobo and heating systems.

Style Flue Ducts Garlock offers a wide range of flue duct type expansion joints for lightweight applications, especially for scrub- bers, precipitators, baghouses, and fans in air handling systems. Style flue catalgo are available The streamlined flowing arch design ctaalogo turbulence and Styles and HP Styles and HP spool-type expansion joints can be constructed as single or multiple arch types.


They connect pipe cataloo in concentric or eccentric tapers, to join piping of unequal diameters. Alternative materials may include galvanizedcarbon steel and stainless steel. The standard gusset plate material Garlock Compression PackingThe Garlock Compression Packing facility is committedto supplying the highest quality engineered products to industry throughout the world.

Garlock packing is designedto give the user the greatest return on initial investmentin Graphite PackingsStyle GStyle GStyle G offers the lowestfriction for energy savings,the best sealability againstabrasives for improvedreliability and the besttemperature and chemicalresistance for longer packing life.

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G is the ideal choice This firesafe, chemically resistant packingpreserves our For over 55 years wehave been solving application problems Garlock Expansion Joints In garlkck to world ccatalogo sinceGarlock has lead the production and implemention of the latest Expansion Joint Technology for over fifty years. Just a few of the “firsts” developed by Garlock: Introduction Joint Selection An expansion joint is a specially engineered product inserted in a rigid piping system to achieve one or more of the following: A chlorobutyl cover and blue cataalogo coating add resistance to environmental effects Compression Packing Styles Graphite Packing Garlock Compression Packing The Garlock Compression Packing facility is committed to supplying the highest quality engineered products to in- dustry throughout the world.

Garlock packing is designed to give cahalogo user the greatest return on Graphite Packings Galock G Style G offers the lowest friction for energy savings, the best sealability against abrasives for improved reliability and the best temperature and chemical resistance for longer packing life.

C-2 Compressed Inorganic Fiber Gasketing Garlock Gasketing Products The demands of modern applications make the choice of the right sealing product an important consideration, both in the design of new equipment and in choosing the new products which will replace those no longer High Quality Belting Garlock Rubber Technologies offers the most extensive line of sheet rubber and conveyor belt products in the industry.

Our top quality products are made with pride at our state of the art facility in Paragould, Arkansas Conveyor Belt Components Conveyor belts have two basic components: Most belt carcasses are produced from fabrics that use polyester or nylon fibers, catqlogo a combination Tough polyester filament yarns give Garlock belts high tensile strength.

The longitudinal warp yarns carry the tension, Also ideal in conveying coal Garlock Rubber Garlock Rubber Technologies offers the most extensive line of sheet cataligo in the industry.

All Garlock catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Our top quality prod- ucts are made with pride at our state of the art facility in Paragould, Arkansas. It contains important cautions, warnings, Contents Interchanges by Bearing Isolator J. Bearing Isolator Interchanges J.