8 Results Buy CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD, CAT M AWD at Cat® ET, create a “Smart Machine” that optimizes performance and availability. pg. ✓. Structures, Drawbar, Circle and. Moldboard. The M frame provides . View updated Caterpillar M Motor Grader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight , detailed specifications and compare to similar Motor Grader models.

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Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2, rpm, measured cater;illar the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan running at minimum speed, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. Power as declared per ISO No engine derating required up to m 10, ft. Caterpillar M Motor Grader. B Width Over Tires. E Rear Ground Clearance.

Motor Graders

Caterpilllar Front Ground Clearance. G Tandem Axle Wheelbase. Ripping Depth – Maximum. Machine Length Increase, Beam Raised. Ripper Shank Holder Spacing. Net Power Gears Maximum torque VHP Plus measured at 1, rpm. Base Power 1st Gear – Net.

Speed at Rated Power. High – Ambient Capability. Base Power 1st Gear – Net – Metric. High Ambient – Fan Speed – Maximum. High Ambient – Fan Speed – Minimum.

Caterpillar M Motor Grader Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

Base Power All Gears – Net. Standard – Fan Speed – Maximum. Standard – Fan Speed – Minimum. Standard – Ambient Capability. VHP Range – Net. Front Frame Structure – Height. Front Frame Structure – Width. Front Frame Structure – Thickness. Front Axle – Height to Center. Circle – Blade Beam Thickness. Front Axle – Total Oscillation per Side. Drawbar – Yoke Bar Thickness. Std Operation Weight – Front Axle.


Std Operation Weight – Rear Axle. Std Operation Weight – Total.

Cat | M/M2 AWD Motor Grader | Caterpillar

Max Operation Weight – Front Axle. Max Operation Weight – Rear Axle. Max Operation Weight – Total. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity.

Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity. Tandem Case Fluid Capacity each. Direct drive, power shift, countershaft. Dual circuit control system. Brakes – Service – Surface Area.

Number of Gears – Forward. Number of Gears – Reverse. Max Speed – Forward. Max Speed – Reverse. Operating Weight – Typically Equipped. Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Total.

Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Total. Electro-hydraulic load sensing, closed center. Max Depth of Cut. Blade Pull at Max Weight. End Bit – Width. End Bit – Thickness. Max Reach Outside Tires – Left. Max Reach Outside Tires – Right.

Max Lift Above Ground. Blade Tip Angle – Front. Blade Tip Angle – Rear. Height to Top of Isomount Cab. Height – Top of Cab. Width – Outside Rear Tires. Height – Top of Cylinders. Ground Clearance – Rear Axle.


Length – Counterweight to Ripper. Width – Outside Front Tires. Length – Front Axle to Mid Tandem. Length – Front Tire to Rear of Machine. Length – Front Axle to Moldboard. Caterpillag – Between Tandem Axles. Width – Tire Center Lines. Height – Exhaust Stack.

Height – Front Axle Center. Top Speed – Forward. Top Speed – Reverse.

Turning Radius – Outside Front Tires. Hydraulic System – Tank. Tandem Housing – Each. Front Wheel Spindle Bearing Housing. Transmission – Differential – Final Drives. Circle Centershift caterpillaar Right. Circle Centershift – Left.

Moldboard Sideshift – Right. Moldboard Sideshift – Left. Blade Tip Range – Forward. Blade Tip Range – Backward. Maximum Lift Above Ground. Maximum Depth of Cut. Maximum Blade Position Angle. Rear – Scarifier Shank Holders.

Mid, V-Type – Working Width. Rear – Working Width. Rear – Scarifying Depth, Maximum.

Rear – Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing. Mid, Straight – Working Width. Mid, Straight – Scarifier Shank Holders. Mid, Straight – Scarifying Depth, Maximum.