The Multi-Channel Board Controller outputs control signals that match an input from a thermocouple (a K/J thermocouple) or an input from a temperature input. The CN 48 x 48 m microprocessor-based digital, self-tuning temperature controller is arguably one of the most cost effective Japanese manufactured. Thank you for purchasing model TTM SERIES. Digital Temperature Controller. Please go through this Instruction Manual carefully and use the unit in proper.

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Temperature control solutions handled effectively – and personally DecemberTemperature Measurement.

Temp-Tek believes that it owes its effectiveness to the fact that it has remained small. Throughout history there have been stories of the ‘little guy’ running circles around the larger and seemingly more powerful adversary.

Roy Embling, the sole owner of the company has been involved with instruments since leaving school. He worked for the original Cambridge Instruments in Finchley in England where he completed a five year apprenticeship making, designing and developing many of the mechanical and electrical instruments controlldr were the forerunner of temperatrue little microprocessor miracles.

Temp-Tek has remained focused on remaining small and sharp, keeping a staff of highly trained individuals, resulting in an effective team. We often controllee calls after-hours and over weekends,” says Embling. By keeping Temp-Tek small to medium sized, we minimise the overheads and pass the benefits on to the customer in the form of lower prices and a more personal service.

The CN 48 x 48 m microprocessor-based digital, self-tuning temperature controller is arguably one of the most cost effective Japanese manufactured temperature controllers on the market today.

The CN controller is used in many applications.

CN (Digital Process/Temperature Controller) India Temperature Instruments

One example is the efficient temperature control of small ovens and incubators. One customer in particular orders upwards of units a year for just such an application. Other applications are the control of barrel temperatures on plastic cpntroller machines. The alarm facility on the CN allows the customer to control the barrel temperature with the main output and switch on a fan should the trmperature forces of the plastic or rubber cause a thermal runaway.

The first relay output can warn the operator that a dangerous condition lurks around the corner and he has time to rectify the situation. Should the alarm go unheeded, then the motor or pump can be shut down tmeperature. The controllers have a choice of all standard outputs including relay, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V d.


TTM controllers are currently enjoying good use in fast food outlets in South and southern Africa. The TTM was selected for this very demanding application because of its toughness and resistance remperature oil and detergent.

One big consideration was the very high ambient temperatures the controller had to work in. Other temperature controllers were considered but failed to match the demanding criteria.

This, 96 x 96 mm controller has multiple input and output options allowing the customer to configure how the inputs and output relate to each other. The device can be configured for working as a remote set point, cascade controller – or having a retransmission output. The controller can accept up to five digital inputs or have five relay outputs or any combination thereof. Temp-Tek says that the TTM is an assault on the ‘high end’ market, congroller it competes with controllers three or four times the price.

Each instrument has two inputs each with one main output with the option of having an additional two alarms.

These units are all interconnected and can have serial communications. The TTX have been used very successfully in a number of plants where available space is at a premium.

The TTM is tiny and well suited to running the programmes of small industrial, dental, ceramic and jewellery furnaces.

CN-40 (Digital Process/Temperature Controller)

Additional relay or event outputs can be retro-fitted to give alarms, events such as closing contacts after a delayed time or ‘end-of-cycle’ outputs. This is a versatile controller, its many uses and popular demand has resulted in a sizeable level being kept in stock.

In fact, Temp-Tek keeps an airconditioned stockroom filled with all of its major lines. The airconditioning ensuring that these items remain in mint condition. The TRMC six Point, single pen or two pen continuous recorder is a compact, programmable instrument with an IP65 sealed front door to keep out the dirt, and large digital display of the point being monitored.

The paper chart is easy to read and to store. Unsophisticated work force operators can see at a glance if temperatures are holding or if levels are beyond stipulated limits. A powerful feature allows almost any input to be programmed into any pen, thus allowing the user to have thermocouple on one point and various inputs on the remaining points of a dotting recorder.


The unit costs less contdoller the conventional six point recorder with only has a single range input and no digital temeprature or information printed on the chart. All in all, Temp-Tek offers a comprehensive range of sophisticated controllers and recorders for most types of industry.

The above serve only as a sample of the controllers, recorders and instruments available from Temp-Tek. Most of which, like the TOHO range, are in stock and never more than a few hours away from delivery if needed.

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cn 40 temperature controller user manual

Ramping and soaking controller The TTM is tiny and well suited to running the programmes of small industrial, dental, ceramic and jewellery furnaces.

Digital chart recorders For keeping track of process history, Temp-Tek offers the TRMC microprocessor-based digital charts recorder.

The details submitted in this form will not be shared with any third parties. Temperature measurement within the plastics industry DecemberInstrotech, Temperature Measurement Temperature is an important measurement parameter for many process techniques used in the plastics industry. Non-contact temperature measurement using an infrared sensor system controllsr therefore an effective Cojtroller specifically for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry, they will enable manufacturers to minimise downtime and lower Conventional control devices using contact thermocouples, measure and control the oven The CM, still an industry mnaual, Drift is immediately detected and Supported by intuitive and powerful Another new function is an extended measuring point description Long Tag.

The series currently comprises 13 models with varied New thermowell reduces fatigue failure AugustEmerson Automation Solutions, Temperature Measurement Emerson has released the Rosemount Twisted Square Thermowell line, a solution that reduces dynamic stress, simplifies process calculations and provides more accurate temperature mmanual.