How To Export To A Video File 1. Insert the existing video/images in to the timeline or open an existing project .VSP file). At this point, you can. Haga clic en “Archivo” en el menú superior y luego seleccione “Guardar como”. Seleccione “Corel Draw” del campo “Tipo de archivo” y haga.

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There is not nearly enough control over the process and the results are often unpredictable and guadar. I’m running build I have comk installing the latest X7. One very annoying thing X7 will do is randomly convert large blocks of paragraph text to curves when saving files down to X6 or earlier.

This happens even when I choose the “keep editable” option in the pop-up during the file save as process. Sometimes the pop-up dialog box doesn’t even show itself in the file saving process.

save in jpg

I don’t understand why X7 would convert a large block of paragraph text to curves when saving a file down to X6 since X6 files fully support OpenType. It doesn’t make any sense.

Object fills particularly fountain fills can do some unpredictable things when saving from X7 down to X6 or earlier. Another dissapointment arcgivo X7: In versions X5 and earlier I could shift-click nodes into a selection and the last node shift-clicked or shift-marquee selected would stay locked in place whenever I used the align nodes dialog box.

It was a very useful feature for technical drawing purposes. It doesn’t work in X6 or X7 on all of the ub I’ve tried. I’ve complained about this problem years ago, only to get the dismissive “the node alignment tool works on my machine” responses from archivvo people. I’m not making this up. The bug is there.

I think it’s ironic Adobe Illustrator finally after many years added a controlled anchor point alignment feature, a feature CorelDRAW has had from way back in the s. I used my personal notebook computer at home as a “guinea pig” to see how X7 performs. Version X7 needs to doing certain basic things better. Version X6 does a good, reliable job saving down to earlier version.


That’s important in a production oriented environment. It’s a good advice to install it. In the above example, there’s not exista a type 1 version.

The content herein is in the form of a personal web log “Blog” or forum posting. As such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents.

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Not Answered 2 months ago. Problems Saving Down to X6 and Earlier. Stefan Lindblad over 3 years ago. Hi Bobby, I recommend update X7. What font issue are you refearing to? Up 0 Down Reply Cancel. Bobby Henderson over 3 years ago in reply to Stefan Lindblad. I’ve seen a lot of comments from people in this forum and a couple other graphic design forums complaining about build causing some or even a lot of fonts to disappear from the font menu.

Additionally there seems to be other crash issues and quirks. It sounds like build is creating more problems than it solves. Does build deal with any of the complaints I listed above? If it doesn’t address any of those issues I’m not sure why I would need to bother with it.

Corel really needs to step it up and bring their A game. Adobe is literally turning into a monopoly, taking over one creative market after competitors in various product niches falter.


Quark Xpress used to dominate page layout and print publishing, but their complacency allowed InDesign to sneak up and whack them guardae the head. After the Final Cut X fiasco who’s laughing now? Video is another market Adobe is quietly gobbling up. Stefan Lindblad over 3 years ago in reply to Bobby Henderson. Hi Bobby, lets not make this post of yours a game between Adobe vs Corel. Unless if that os what you whant. I know two specific fonts mat cause a problem.

I have not seen any fonts disappear on my end yet with build The dismissive attitude you mention, is mostly just saying people at not experiencing the se issues. A few years back it was a windows update that causes ALL software fuardar products being affected, Adobe also.

Being a beta tester since version X4, I know by experience that Corel care, and that it is so important in the search to nail down an issue and solve it, to get all steps made by a user. We all have various computer configurations.

Recuperar Corel Draw archivo dañado [Resuelto]

I keep them very simple myself. I will check and keep track of what I experience and report to Corel. And try to help you. At the same time as I work with client works. Currently logotypes and infographics this week. All problems are not always Corels fault after all.

Transparency being one, they are built up differently. But like with everything you need samples.

In the quest to resolve something it sometimes mean you need not only arcjivo figs, but more how the file is made. And many times people never write all steps they make. What is obvious step for one person, is not for another person. Ariel over 3 years ago.