The only resource written specifically for BC Social Studies 11 – all the support you will need to help students succeed in the Provincial Exam. What’s new in the . Week 11 – Starting Nov 13, Before our first class. Complete Questions on page 93 in Counterpoints; Complete Questions 1, 3 and 6 on page in. Social Studies 11 A Different Canada Chapter 1 Take Home Test Choose the best answer from those provided. Please use the bubble sheet.

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Please use the bubble sheet provided. How would aVictorian expected the crime of murder to have been dealt with?

Answer Key Online Social Studies 11 – (CounterPoints Textbook)

Who was likely to be most supportive of the British Empire and imperialism? What advertising slogan was used to promote immigration to the Canadian west?


What enticement was not offered to potential immigrants to Canada? Free rail transportation to the Canadian Prairies d.

Pearson Counterpoints, Second Edition

Cheap fares for ocean voyages 8. From which region was immigration not encouraged? In which year was the Chinese Exclusion Act made into law?

Opposition to immigration from India was best exemplified by: In what year did anti-Asiatic riots break out in Vancouver? Prior tomost Canadians lived: Which process encouraged the movement of most Canadians to the cities?

In response to the growing economic power of huge companies what organizations did working class people begin to form? Which of the following did not assist in helping to increase productivity in the fishing industry? Which environmental disaster seriously depleted the fish stocks on the West Coast?

The Prince George chlorine spill c. George Herman Ruth d. Which term is used to describe citizens of French-Canadian heritage? Sir Marcel Dionne d. Sir Wilfrid Laurier Which of the following was the author of Anne of Green Gables?


Lucy Maud Montgomery d.

Inwhat is now the province of Quebec was made up of Quebec and the: District of Mackenzie b. District of Keewatin c. District of Assiniboia d.

District of Ungava Which Canadian provinces did not exist in ? The words you are searching are inside this book.

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