Projector Model, CP-AN. Technology, 3LCD. Price, 0. Brightness ( Manufacturer Claim), Brightness Description, N/A. Contrast Ratio, Projection. Hitachi CP-AN – 3LCD projector – LAN overview and full product specs on CNET. Hitachi CP-AN ultra short throw LCD projector belongs to the 3LCD Hitachi projector’s family that project crystal clear images using a combination of LCD.

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CP-AN projects an 80 inch image from almost 21 inches. Hitachi CP-AN makes high lumens brightness which is perfect for use in large size rooms and can project vertically on a tabletop when placed on the surface of a tabletop.

Security features include a A301b lock that prevents unauthorized use, and a transition bar that disables the projector if it has been removed without entering the correct PIN code. The Perfect Fit 2 feature allows you to adjust the corners of the projected image so that it is displayed clearly. Fluorescent lamps will last four to five times more than incandescent bulbs. These lamps are beneficial as they reduce the need for power plants to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, reduce the release of emissions including mercury, carbon dioxide and other pollutants that affect global warming.

Fluorescent lamps reduce solid waste, since they last longer.


The incandescent or halogen lamps have a short life and require frequent replacement. The lamps used in Hitachi projectors have a long life. These energy-efficient vp products such as the fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and the high intensity discharge HID lamps contain small amounts of mercury. The mercury remains inside the lamp and doesn’t hurt the environment unless the lamp is broken.

This mainly happens at the end of its life. The lamp is mostly broken when it is thrown in a garbage truck or a dumpster; thereby releasing mercury.

These lamps are not a major source of mercury pollution, but the improper disposal of large numbers of them adds mercury to the environment. Mercury is also released into the environment by burning hazardous wastes or incineration of disposed materials. To prevent the release of mercury from the lamps, it is better to recycle them and not dispose them in the solid waste. Recycling lamps helps to capture the mercury, and it can be reused.

This eliminates excessive paperwork, alleviates transport issues, and helps keep disposal costs low. It also eases the path for lamp recycling. Mercury collection is a robust and growing business. It was developed to collect and recycle end of life mercury lamps from commercial buildings.

Hitachi CP-A301N LCD Projector

Retail consumers are also having their options expanded rapidly. Most local governments collect end-of-life lamps and some retailers like Ikea and Home Depot also collect the lamps. Check your local a3001n for lamp disposal guidelines. Hitachi started in and is now a leading manufacturer.


Consumers are offered home appliances, AV products, personal computer, mobile phones, home equipment and life services.

Hitachi CP-AN Ultra Short Throw Projector CP-AN B&H Photo

Hitachi continues to thrive and remain a successful company for its quality products and services. It looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth. Q301n remains focused on creating strong and successful products that are recognized worldwide as market leaders. Digital and multimedia projectors project a video signal on a projection screen.

They use a bright lens system for projecting the image. These projectors c; used in meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and where ever the need arises. Presentation tools assist in conducting presentations. Presentation equipment includes interactive whiteboards, electronic copyboards, interactive panels, interactive plasma displays, educational tools and software, bluetooth and USB tablets, multimedia projectors and document cameras.

Ultra Short Throw 80″ diagonal.

Hitachi CP-A301N – 3LCD projector – LAN

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