MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded. • 3U, full rack width. CrossPoint Ultra 84 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra 88 HVA. CrossPoint Ultra HVA. MODEL. CrossPoint™ Ultra ultra-wideband matrix switchers are designed to deliver exceptional CrossPoint Ultra is available in six . CrossPoint Ultra HVA. Extron CrossPoint Ultra HVA 12×8 Ultra-Wideband Matrix Switcher with ADSP for RGBHV and Stereo Audio (12 x RGBHV BNC + Captive Screw for Audio.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents About This Manual About The Matrix Switchers Crosspoint Ultra Switchers Crosspoint Plus Switchers Mav Plus Switchers Mounting The Switcher Rear Panel Views Rear Panel Connections Video Input And Output video Switchers Rgbhv crosspoint Switchers Video mav Plus Switchers Sync Termination Switches crosspoint Audio Input And Output audio Models Cabling And Rj Connector Wiring External Sync mav Plus Video Models Front Panel Controls And Indicators Input And Output Buttons Front Panel Operations Front Panel Security Lockouts Creating A Configuration Viewing A Configuration Grouping Inputs And Outputs Setting Rgb Delay crosspoint Switchers Saving A Preset Recalling A Preset Reading The Displayed Volume Rear Panel Operations Performing Soft System Resets resets 3, 4, And 5 Performing A Hard Reset crosspoinh Optimizing The Audio audio Models Plasma Display S-video Problem crosspoint Switchers 128hvaa Panel Remote 128ha Front Panel Configuration Port Default Ip Addresses Establishing A Connection Number Of Connections Switcher Error Responses crosspojnt Matrix Switchers Control Program Installing The Software Software Operation Via Ethernet Ethernet Protocol Settings Matrix Ip Address Field Gateway Ip Address Field Subnet Mask Field Hardware Address Field Use Dhcp Checkbox Sync Time To Pc Button Use Daylight Savings Checkbox Administrator Password Field User Password Field Mail Server Ip Address Field Mail Server Domain Name Field E-mail Addressee Fields Ethernet-connected Firmware Upload Serial-port-connected Firmware Upload Uploading Html Files Audio-input Configuration Selection Using Emulation Mode Using The Help System Button-label Generator Program Using The Button-label Generator Software crosspointt Download The Startup Ultfa System Status Page Dsvp Page crosspoint Switchers System Settings Page Ip Settings Fields Unit Name Field Dhcp Crossooint Buttons Ip Address Field Mac Address Field Model And Part Number Fields Email Settings Page Mail Ip Address Field Domain Name Field Email Address Fields Firmware Upgrade Page File Management Tab File Management Page User Control Page Creating Or Deleting A Tie Rgb And Audio Xrosspoint Page Change The Rgb Delay crosspoint Switchers Global Presets Page Connecting As A Telnet Client Escape Character And Esc Key Set Carriage Return-line Feed Subnetting – A Primer Local And Remote Devices Ip Addresses And Octets Subnet Masks And Octets Crosspoint Plus Specifications Crosspoint Ultra Specifications Mav Plus Specifications Part Numbers And Accessories Don’t have an 128hga