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An important segment of the Romanian community in the Boston area is represented by the large body of Romanian students that came to study made the famous universities of the state of Massachusetts.

The last section recalls the burial of human sin with the death of Jesus and commencement of a new life together with His resurrection. In Romania, the clergyman reads twelve excerpts from synoptic gospels, which are ascribed to Good Friday matins. The Epitaphios is an object of extreme cult — the Orthodox treat it as a relic, ornament it with flowers, candles, painted eggs and place some money in the vicinity of the cloth.

Voiculescu, Bucuresti,ca si cea a lui Gh. In some of the villages in Bukovina, the worshippers place four small firs in the four corners of the Epitaphios, similarly to the habit of putting firs around coffins of the dead. Aceste cookie-uri ar putea fi setate de noi sau de partenerii nostri de publicitate. By experiencing metanoia and atonement, man participates in the plan of salvation of mankind, which is each year remembered by repeating images of the crucifixion and celebration of the Passover.

Nu ai acceptat Termeni si Conditii Pentru a continua utilizarea serviciilor oferite de site-ul CrestinOrtodox. Popescu-Zimnicea, editata in tipografia cartilor bisericesti, Bucuresti,comisia a reusit sa dea editia oficiala a Prohodului, Bucuresti, Our bodies are the servants of our souls.

Predica la Duminica dupa Nasterea Domnului Publicat in: Aceste informatii ar putea fi despre dumneavoastra, despre preferintele sau despre dispozitivul dumneavoastra si sunt folosite mai ales pentru a face site-ul sa functioneze asa cum va asteptati.


Dupa venirea in frunte a Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane a vrednicului de pomenire Patriarhul Iustinian, atentia a fost indreptata si asupra acestei carti socotita de acum ca si o carte de cult, fiind tiparita de mai multe ori, incepand cu anulcu textul editiei oficiale din Cookie-uri de Statistici Aceste cookie-uri ne permit sa numaram vizitele si sursele de trafic pentru a putea masura si imbunatati performanta site-ului nostru.

Passing underneath the Epitaphios is understood as the harbinger of salvation. Taierea imprejur a Domnului. Este vorba de slujbele vecerniei Sambetei celei Mari. It owes its name to the parable of the Prodigal Son, which is that day read in the Church.

It is a day of pondering death, however, already the time to enjoy resurrection. Daca nu acceptati aceste cookie-uri, s-ar putea ca unele sau toate aceste servicii sa nu functioneze corespunzator. The analysis of the paschal cycle symbolism within Romanian religiosity, performed on the basis of canonical religious texts as well as Orthodox rituals, lead to the conclusion that it is in each case a reminder of the history of salvation. Toate informatiile stranse de aceste cookie-uri sunt agregate, deci, anonime.

It gives the worshippers hope that the Lord will arise from the dead. It cannot, however, be one-sided love — thus it presents the symbolic manifestation of synergy that occurs between a Christian and God, who gives him his hand and consequently his power [5, p.

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Across Romania after the Divine Liturgy on this day, there is a procession led along the city streets with a cross decorated with flowers. Obiceiuri si traditii de Paste.

To understand the theology of this Diin of Lent and the essence of the Orthodox repentance we need to envisage the fate of Saint Mary. Today’s Gospel is taken from the Sermon on the Mount, the first piece of preaching in Christ’s public life. The next day at the matins there is a symbolic elevation of the Holy Cross through gestures and the words of liturgy.


The transformation of life represents the grace of God acting within the human existence, supporting hopes and encouraging changes. On the fifth Sunday, the Orthodox Church commemorates Saint Mary of Egypt, the penitent prostitute living at the ein of the 5 th and 6th centuries.

Predica la denia de miercuri saptamana a 5 a din Postul Mare – Parintele Calistrat – YouTube

It is not our bodies which control our lives, or even our minds, but our souls. Catharsis performed by fasting and penance symbolizes walking from the world of darkness into the light of Tabor. In aceasta Vineri au loc doua din slujbele cele mai impresionante care dau zilei respective greutatea ei. Niciodata parca sufletul crestinului nu se simte mai apropiat si mai solidar cu patimile Mantuitorului. They rise from the dead as a plentiful nation — a symbol of new Israel, resurrected to new life.

Deoarece va respectam dreptul la confidentialitate, postu alege sa nu acceptati unele tipuri de cookie-uri. It is a reminder of the eternal glory and salvation that are waiting for the penitent, and Christ the Bridegroom coming at midnight, bestowing his blessing upon the vigilant.

On Di Thursday, at the Orthodox Church in Romania, the ritual is usually performed in the nave of the church. The text instructs the monks on spiritual practices and overcoming vices, figuratively portraying the nature of sin and the significance of individual virtues. In contemporary times we also celebrate the ritual of consecrating willow branches at the Orthodox Church. Once our souls are clean, then our minds and our bodies will also be cleaned.