the source element they have to the ENDVOR tool. For all other elements it can be browsed in the ENDEVOR tool or the above PDS libraries. IV. Move Once the . some info on endevor. Endevor ENDEVOR is an integrated set of management tools used to automate,Control, and monitor your applications. How is endeavour tool used in practical scenario? Endeavour tool. How is endeavour tool used in [or]. Posted by DSRINIVAS-MAINFRAMES at pm.

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Retreive To retreive elements from mainfframes environment to personal PDS. Usually impacted elements are retreived from production to personal PDS.

This is done in foreground toool. Update the retreived elements in the personal PDS according to requirement. Create new elements in the personal PDS.

It is not possible to move changes from personal PDS to production Environment because these elements has to be tested in various test regions before it moves to production. It has 3 steps.

This is used by the endevor to write SCL Source control language. Then select options ADD in the next panel. ADD is given when the element is maiframes available in the test region. Update is given if the element is already in the test region and you updating it.


Then come back by pressing F3 twice. All other elements are simply added without checking the systax errors.

Elements will be added to the endevor test libraries based on the type of the element. For some stages Package is required. Moving elements with package. Then select options MOVE. M is for model endevor, P is for production package.

CAST This check the mismatches of the elements if the element is already in the next stage It gives error if the element is already there in the next stage where this is going to be moved. Integration packages can be executed by developer i.

A has added 15 lines to the X. Now user B changed element X to add 10 new lines. If eneeavor are tested at a time, then it can be moved to next level at a time. Now the version will be updated with 1. Give me the order of add for the below impacted elements. Copybooks should be added prior to the program.

Endevor Presentation for Mainframe Programmers

Main Program Sub program Ans: Subprogram should be added prior to the main program. It will be added without any error. What happens if add a program which is having syntax errors? Source program will be added to endevor but load module is not going to be created.


If a program failed with S0C7 and it is loaded from Endevor load library.

Endevor process – MAINFRAMES ONE

How can you find the statement that is causing S0C7? What is CCID and what is its maibframes Most of the installations follow a naming convention for this. How to see the changes made for current version to previous version? In the display option of the element give line command ‘C’ infront of the element. It will show the changes 8. If the current version in the production is V1.

Can I see all 12 versions of the element? Yes, in the display option give the line command ‘S’.

This will show all the versions. Code in all versions can be browsed. I am currently browsing an element in UNIT1 stage of the endevor, I want to see whether this element is available in all other stages.

How this can be done?

Top 10 Endevor Features/Functions – What are they?

What is processor group and what is its importance? It contains compile and linkedit parameters. Different processor groups will have different compile and linkedit parameters.