Bolivia: Tasas específicas y generales de fecundidad y tasa bruta de .. Bolivia: Tendencias de la atención materna, ENDSA y , EDSA Encuesta Nacional de Demografia y Salud (ENDSA ) also provides new statistical information on knowledge, attitudes and practices related to HIV. Title: Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud ENDSA [National Publisher: Publication Location: La Paz, Bolivia: MSD, PRS, INE y Macro International.

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The SMART Methodology provides a basic, integrated method for assessing nutritional status and mortality rate in emergency situations. Family authorisation was also required. Instituto Nacional de Salud.

She has previously worked in Sierra Leone, Niger and Argentina. Over the same period, however, the incidence of diarrhea in the two weeks preceding the survey ensda children under age 5 edged up from 22 percent to 26 percent. The percentage of children ages 18 to 29 months who had received childhood vaccinations increased from 64 percent to 79 percent between and However, the ethnic composition varies between the Chaco provinces.

Also, it was considered that a bias could be introduced if urban areas bloivia included, given the large social and economic differences between rural and urban populations in Latin America. But use of effective family planning remains low and the total fertility rate TFR —3.

Bolivia – Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud 2008

Increasing contraceptive use will require expanding access to supplies and methods, as well as informing more women about their options for preventing an unintended pregnancy. Rapid assessment of nutrition and food security in Chaco municipalities affected by droughts. Bolivia Total Population millions Puncture zone on 20008 hand finger. In this case, and largely to allow comparisons, anaemia classification was based on the same cutoff points used for children between months old in the previous Demographic and Health National Survey in Bolivia.


If you have any comments regarding this article, please contact: Due endss a number of political and administrative factors and in order bllivia allow comparison, a total of three SMART surveys, one per department, were implemented. Monitoreo Nacional de Indicadores Nutricionales. This is not far below the 4.

Age, sex and district differences were found: Thanks are also extended to the teams responsible for the survey implementation and analysis, from surveyors to logistics and administration.

Nutrition Landscape Information System: Reference: details

These results confirm anaemia as one of the major nutritional problems of rural children in Bolivian Chaco. Programa Mundial de Alimentos de las Naciones Unidas.

Description El cuestionario individual de mujeres fue aplicado de manera completa en 16, mujeres y comprende los siguientes grandes temas: The Standardised Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transition SMART programme is an interagency initiative to improve monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian 20088 interventions.

Cut off points for anaemia and the severity scale varies according to authors, age, pregnancy, countries and geographic altitude INS It provides a more profound 20008 of the nutritional problems affecting a population than anthropometric surveys alone and hence the policies, strategies and programmes that must be pursued to eradicate malnutrition.

The current population for each community was calculated applying the district population provision of INE National Statistics Institute based on the national census.

Just 35 percent of married Bolivian women were using a modern contraceptive in —the same percentage as in Description El cuestionario de hogar fue completado en 19, hogares y comprende los siguientes temas: The child nutritional situation after the drought seems to have returned to normal values, when compared with ENDSA and PMA 11 survey findings.


ENN is a registered charity in the UK no. While one-fifth of children still have not received all recommended vaccinations, coverage is 98 percent for immunization against a form of tuberculosis, and 86 percent for the measles vaccine.

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Puncture endea on heel. Created on Feb 26, Last modified Jun 16, Its reduction through program- mes and policies which impact the structural causes must therefore be a key government goal. Localities with more than 2, inhabitants considered as urbanwere not included in the survey. Some ethnic groups, or populations from specific geographic zones, were averse to blood tests so this prior sensitisation and mobilisation stage is especially important for anaemia studies.

The SMART manual deals specifically with nutrition and mortality surveys, including sampling, nutritional measurements, and mortality rates. ACF is currently evaluating whether the urban population of the Bolivian Chaco needs to be included in future anaemia surveys.

Blood drop for Hb analysis.

Material for Hb analysis. The authors would like to acknowledge the political and health authorities from regional to community level.