View and Download FujiFilm FinePix F31fd owner’s manual online. FUJIFILM OWNER’S MANUAL DIGITAL CAMERA F31fd. FinePix F31fd Digital Camera pdf . Owner’s manual this manual will show you how to use your fujifilm digital camera finepix f31fd correctly. please follow the instructions images that. Download FUJIFILM FINEPIX F31FD service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Well, thank you indeed for that – and so far as my own thoughts are concerned I feel that this does at last substantiate what I have always thought fineoix surely be the weakness of this ‘fd’ system manula as done this way at least. I would point most readers particularly to Page 32 of the Manual.

This refers mostly to the ‘fd’ facility. Firstly, it states and shows quite clearly that on the F31 anyway, ‘fd’ only operates if in finepx virtual AUTO mode or a Scene mode which in some ways can be equated to AUTO as you are giving control to the camera in different specific Auto ways.

Additionally on that Manual page it gives clear notes on when ‘fd’ may not operate or operate correctly. One of the things I have always had in mind as a big uncertainty is just how the mode can distinguish focus when for example you may wish to take a small group consisting of such as 4 people or any such type ‘group’ shot. Well, it seems that you do get some sort of ‘green frame’ to show youbut if that is NOT the face that you decide you wish to predominate, is this feature then doing much for you.

Also it now confirms that if ‘the face’ is not really a full front face or similar that the camera expects or wants to see, it may not either work at all or certainly give you again a wrong setting.

Altogether I just do not see that this is the least bit of use to any F31 user who may well be considered in the category of many F30 userswho it has been proved I think, wish to use the camera with at least a bit of intelligent control. Quite apart from all that f31d another feature that I’ve not been able to understand is just how Fuji were going to put all this on one button that is supposed to be already dedicated to giving easy EV control.

It’s now obvious – they cannot do so. If you use ‘fd’it seems you just have to give up EV control – and vice versa. But in view of what seems a very limited practical use of ‘fd’ this wayI doubt if many budding F30 users will be tempted to change – giving up more than it seems you are likely to getin manul situations.

Certainly I stand to be corrected if I have misunderstand any of the Manual on this – and I will be pleased to hear if anyone does think this the big bonus that was expected I am in NO way famiiar with the other couple or so Fujicams that offer the ‘fd’- do they actually work differently and better on those, not needing to retain the compactness of the Fxx range??

I have to say that I am lured by the face detection esp. It’s easy to prefocus on ONE person’s face but I, for one, have a hard time focusing on two or three subjects.



I think what will be nice about the F31 is that you can use it on AUTO when taking portraits but also set it to F31df if you want more control How much is this feature worth? That’s the million dollar question. Well if what you say is right at selling msnual they must be skimming the US market. From what the manual says the F31 has ISO settings of: Auto Auto Auto Auto Plus all of the individual ISO settings. I believe that this has been a request from many of the F30 users on this forum.

Yes it has been a request of ours and its nice that they have added it, however, I only know of one poster that put it at the top of his list, for me its way down the list of things I flnepix like in an upgrade!

Such as; 28mm, fix the blown highliths, fix the pf, full manual, seperate focus and exposure locks, infinity focus, auto bracketing I could go on! I mean its not like you cant manually select ISO, but theres not one thing on the list above that you have the same option for as you do for auto and IMO, any of them would far better to have! FD and auto is not worth dumping F30’s for Now is the time to buy F30, while Fuji is throwing them away I would love to see a F28 – that’s what I would call majual with the above specs!

I would definitely c31fd for that!

That’s what I was thinking when I placed the order a few nights ago. I ordered the F30 yesterday from newegg! Also those examples look to me like they could easily be fixed by lowering the EV.

There only problem was slight over exposure in some of em. In response to ericN2’s posted “weaknesses” of the fd system: Why should FD be any different? Fuji is responding to the fact that small digicams like the F30 are often used to snap people pics in lighting situations that are far from ideal, and in which the photographer may have little more than a fleeting moment to get the picture or miss it.

The promise of the fd system is to insure a much greater percentage of properly focused and exposed pictures when it can be very tricky to get it right.

Given that the point of the FD system is to handle both focus and exposure, it makes sense that it’s only available in the various “auto” modes. And if you’d prefer to do it yourself, that option is available–you don’t “have” to use FD. As for FD not focusing on the face you want in a photo–again, if it’s a tricky situation i.

FinePix F31fd Official samples & owner’s manual

I’m imagining that FD works fine for the situation in which it will kanual be used–groups of faces that are roughly the same distance from the camera, so they’ll all be in proper focus. And it won’t get fooled by couple shots, when many cameras focus on the background between the faces. All in all, what you get is an F30 wtih a very useful new auto system that promises to deliver much better people pictures.

If you know anything about cameras, and you seem to know quite a lot, then the fact that it will not always be successful should be a given and not a complaint.


But this ain’t film and people need to get out ifnepix the habit of treating it as such. Also auto bracketing is useful to get proper exposures in 3 increments right after the other I don’t think the F30 has this feature though does it?

Has anyone been able to figure out if you can limit the ISO in this mode on the F31fd? Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass. Find out what’s new and cinepix about the Z6 in our First Impressions Review.

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FujiFilm FinePix F31fd Owner’s Manual

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Submit a News Tip! Best cameras and lenses Started Nov 8, Discussions. Thank you very, very much. It does NOT for instance seem to be available in Camera-M modenor it seems in A or S modes – Additionally on that Manual page it gives clear notes on when ‘fd’ may not operate or operate correctly.

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