View and Download Fostex VF supplement owner’s manual online. Additional functions on the new version. VF Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Operation manual, Digital multitracker, Optical • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VFEX User Manual. Fostex VFEX • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Do not use an AC outlet of any other voltage. Index for Fosted index is provided for searching the page of the desired application. I want to try recording a musical instrument.

I want to listen any number of times to playback of fostexx tune. Please read pages 31 and Please read page I want to partially rerecord a previously recordedperformance. I want to locate to the desired point. I want to format the hard disc. I want to locate to a point previous to the desired point. I want to manage the programs by naming them. I want to operate the faders in pairs. I want to make a tempo map. Please read pages and I want to mixdown without using external equipment.

Table of ContentsSafety Instruction Audio CD fostxe mode You have chosen a truly unique multitracking device. These include a digital mixerincorporates high-performance DSP multi-effect made possible using the Fostex-original A.

Before OperatingThis section defines the contents, names and terms the user should know prior to actually operating the VFEX. Please ffostex the overview before going any farther with your new recorder as it will save you a lot of time in the longrun.

This recording mode is mainly manuap to: In the following example, channel 16 which acceptsinput H is selected as a source channel. Sound sourcerecording can start from any point on a formatted disk, as longas the point is within a 24 hour time range in ABS time. Notethat it is also possible to move locate to any point within thattime range, as well. A mono-track refers to one track. Therefore, a mono-trackREMAIN time is the recordable length on the hard disk spaceavailable manial recording only one track.

Therefore,if four tracks are simultaneously recorded, then the recordabletime is 46 minutes 3 hours 7 minutes divided by 4. Therefore, there is no need to newly assemble a hard disk or to format v1f60 hard disk. The user can immediately startrecording with the VFEX. Note that the current hard disk can also be replaced with another model for use withthe VFEX.

However, please only use hard disks that Fostex recommends. Nothing can be done during the formatting process.

Manuals : Fostex Support

Please wait for a while until the process is completed. Unscrew the four screws fixing the panel to thebottom of the VFEX main unit. Prepare a new hard disk and connect the two cableconnectors to it with flstex the connector section. If the panel is removed, the hard disk covered with acushion can be seen.


Put back the new hard disk into the VFEX mainunit. Formatting the new hard diskCarefully follow the instructions below to newly format the hard disk properly.

The VFEX will startup. The menu to select the format type appears. About a demonstration song! Read this before using the unit Your VFEX may have a demonstration song on program 1 P01 when shipped note that some VFEX unitsmay not have a demonstration song, depending on the production. The description of each displayis defined below. Hints and tips tosuccessfully operate the VFEX are included according to the work flow, ranging from the actual recording to mixdown process.

Both experienced and novice users of multitracker should try this process so as to learn the VFEXoperations. Preparing to Record1When carrying out step 8 mentioned above, levels forchannel 1 and masters L and R are shown in the meterson the Normal display.

Locate the time to playback. Press the [PLAY] key to start playback. Ch1, ch15 and ch16 faders can be used to adjust the playlevel of each track. The following details are saved in each Memory Key.

Locating an event memoryYou can store up to 99 event memory points 00 to Creating an event memory3. The display returns to the Normal display.

Event memory numbers are assigned in ascending orderof ABS time, regardless of order in which event memoriesare created. This function comes in handy inthe following cases. Punch Out pointPunch In point3. Track ExchangeUp fodtex now, we changed the input channel according to the track to record.

However, there is also a way to recordall tracks with one input jack. You can do this by exchanging a recorded track that was recorded normally with anunrecorded track. This feature is convenient to use when recording with all G manua, H [INPUT] jacks that can be connected with a condensermic or balanced output, for example.

This section describes fostexx to adjust the level, PAN, equalizer, effect send level and effect. The system returns to the Normal Display.

Fostex VF160EX User Manual

EQ curveThe effect 1 selection menu appears along with thecurrently set effect type. Then turn the [JOG] dial to modify theparameter. Mix DownCreate the master tape after adjusting all tracks.

Recording the H Input Signal to Track 1Here we will record a sound source connected to input H on track 1 of the recorder. Connect a headphone or speakerto monitor the sound. Adjusting the Source Channel9 Sound for monitoring purposes can be heard from theheadphones or speakers from this point.

Locate the time to start recording on the VFEX. Locate the time in which recording was started REC starttime. Press the [PLAY] key to check the sound recorded. The ch1 fader can be used to adjust the play level. The signals recorded on track 1 can be checked. Chapter 3 Advanced mixer operationsThis section describes practical operations of the mixer including functions that are not described in “Basic operations” as well as detailed information about settings.


Channel Parameter EditYou can edit the various parameter settings such as pan and equalizers for channels 1 through 16 and the masterchannel. We refer this type of editing as “Channel parameter edit”.

There are several channel parameter edit keys onthe top panel as shown below and pressing the dedicated key for the parameter you want to edit brings up thecorresponding edit screen. Adjusting EQEach time you press the key, the flashing parameter to beedited changes in the following order. The master channel controls the effect sendmaster level. You can select whether the pre-fader or post-fader signal is sent from each channel 1 to 16 to the effectprocessor.

If you select “Post”, the signal adjusted by the channelfader is sent to the effect processor is also lowered. If you select “Post”, the signal adjusted by the channel fader is sent to the effect processor, so if you lowerthe channel fader, the signal sent to the effect processor is also lowered.

You cannot apply the equalizer to the input channels thatthe compressor is applied to. However, you can apply boththe equalizer and compressor to the master channel.

Controlling fader levelsThe following operations are assumed that the compressor is applied to channels 13 and See page for details about how to pair faders of adjacent two channels. A variety of effect types are preset for each effect unit. By selecting a suitable effect type, you can process thesound as you wish. You can also edit the parameters of the selected effect type to create your own effect sounds.

The following 28 effect types are preset for EFF 1. The 38 effect types shown on the next page are provided forEFF 2, and these include the same 28 effect types as EFF 1. For details refer to the preceding mqnual. Specify BPM and note value to set the delay time. Use the [JOG] dial to adjust the value.

For details on the meaning and range of each parameter,refer to “Effect parameter details” on the below. If you wish to adjust another parameter, repeat from. Effect parameter settingsHere’s how to set the effect parameters. BPM delay effect parameters parameter type: