Although the Slendertone System for Abs may help the muscles contract, you’ll need to adjust your diet and make time for cardio exercise to improve the. SLENDERTONE Abdominal Toning System with the versatility of your smart . A detailed guide to setting-up and using your SLENDERTONE CONNECT ABS. Instruction Manual: This is your detailed guide to using your SYSTEM-ABS FROM SLENDERTONE. SLENDERTONE Belt Extender: Use this belt extender to.

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For more info and how it works click on Slendertone System-Abs. August 24, at 7: The team have all been using the Slendertone System- Abs for a week. I asked them a range questions and captured some of their thoughts on how they felt they got on.

Overall we found the Slendertone equipment very simple to use. It was good to see not so many buttons on the remote control… the simpler the better for me!

The controller is excellent size and great position for putting in your pocket when running. The pads are slightly warn and loosing stickiness after 6 work outs and 2 long distance runs. Most of used it our desks as well.

Intend to step up the routine this week. I can really tell the difference, especially round the sides. Rachel even noticed earlier today. Some of the team felt it had changed their attitude in leading a healthy way of living. August 23, at 1: Once fully opened I had a closer look at the black nylon belt and the small control unit which housed an LCD screen on the front with a few well laid out buttons. I later found out that this contains the rechargeable battery and is the brains behind the belt.

I put this on charge at lunchtime and by 3 o clock decided to give it a try. A brief look at the quick start guide and I was off.

I was instructed to open the belt out fully and to locate the 3 gel-like pads that were to be stuck to the inside of the belt. On the inside of the belt are guides as to where you stick the pads, depending how big your system-abss is.

There is also a pad that sticks in the centre of the belt which would cover the belly button area. Once all pads where in place I peeled back the thin protecting plastic covers which revealed a squidgy gel pad which sticks to sslendertone skin once the belt is wrapped around you.


How to Use Slendertone System for Abs for Females

It is easily fitted and fastened with Velcro and feels very comfortable once you get over the sensation of the cool gel pads. The belt was on so next I plugged the charged control unit into it, clipping it into a plug on the front of the belt.

Hold down the power button on the unit and it turns on revealing X: Next I pressed on one of the two up arrows. Each arrow controls the left and right power respectively. When pressing on the arrows, a number appears on the screen indicating the power on each side.

There was a small amount of twitching on my right side which is a very weird sensation. I had to up the power on the left side to feel anything and to get a balance. At first it did feel a little odd or uncomfortable, but then again that could have been me trying to push it too quickly too hard! My first use of the Slendertone System-Abs went well and I managed to get up to power setting At this setting you can really start to feel your stomach muscles involuntarily contracting and it sometimes moves you forward in doing so.

August 20, at 4: I had it on program three, level 50, whilst at work. This was quite a strong work out for me. I actually use it during work which is convenient and its not really that distracting. This is the beauty about the product, you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Surprisingly enough over the weekend, I felt my party dress fit better and I felt more confident in it.

I could do with toning the arms a bit though. I may have to try another Slendertone arm toning product next! My first weekend with the Slendertone and it was used just the once. A 4k run around my local area with the Slendertone was a good work out. After a few beers and a curry Saturday night I needed some exercise and was keen to crank the Slendertone up past 50 whilst running on Sunday.

The run was good and it felt more natural in an upright position rather then sitting down in the officeso once a good pace was set the Slendertone could hardly be felt on level The times you could feel the belt working was when there was a steep hill and the running pace slowed down.


Slendertone SYSTEM-ABS Instruction Manual

Still systema-bs aches today but I hope that with a run this evening the level can be increased. I was impressed that the belt did not loose any grip whilst running. August 20, at 3: I started at program 5 for 30 and then went up to 6 at 30 which was a good work out. I had the power up to 70 for both sessions. Again it feels like I have done a work out on slendertlne abs.

Its been 5 sessions so far and each one is more rigorous. I have not noticed any difference yet. Use Slendertone Fuide, five times a week.

There are 7 toning programmes 5 core programmes and 2 bonus programmes. They recommend in the instructions you begin with programme one, the beginner level. The unit will automatically progress you through each programme up-to programme 5, which is the pro level.


With each programme as you increase the intensity throughout the session, you feel the muscle contractions getting stronger. They recommend in the instructions the harder you guise your muscles the better the results, however you should reduce the intensity where you feel any discomfort. The intensity range is between I might try it when I go running this week. My aim is go to the gym three times this week.

The Best Ab Belt: Including The Flex Belt Vs Slendertone [Warning]

I had the power up to 70 for both sessions Again it feels like I have done a work out on my abs. Follow Us on Twitter. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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