Note: Our level rating system is different than Hanayama’s. . Anyhow, the solution is very satisfying, so I recommend Enigma to everybody. 5 out of 5 stars. : ENIGMA Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle (Level 6): Toys & Games. He attempted to cheat and find the solution on YouTube!. Puzzle Store. Welcome to Solutions for your mechanical puzzles. Sequential Puzzles. 4x4x4 Master Cube. Bishop Cubes.

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Cast Enigma – Metal

Shop Hanayama Enigma Puzzle. The solution is elegant, and as a result, the puzzle is excellent!.

Now you search for other ways to take this first step and it is not easy or at all intuitive to find it. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.

Separating the final 2 pieces can be done hanauama 2 ways. Hours I tell ya, stuck with a broken puzzle! I eventually did get them disentangled, but nowhere near to hznayama solution.


How to Solve the amazing Hanayama Cast Enigma metal puzzle « Puzzles :: WonderHowTo

Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Over 10 minutes passed until I was finally able to get the final two pieces to come apart. They also carry the entire Hanayama Cast Hqnayama. Oh, how wrong was I My favorite hobby and greatest interest is collecting and solving mechanical puzzles. Regarding difficulty, the Enigma is in the group of the most difficult ones by Hanayama.

Many of my friends and colleagues who I have handed it to have completely failed to find even this first move. In fact, on the web site they state: This really applies to this puzzle.


Learn how to solve the Hanayama Cast Quartet metal puzzle. Puzzle of the Week.

Now all I had to do was separating the other two pieces. George, you are absolutely right! Watch this video tutorial to engima how to solve the Hanayama Cast Enigma metal puzzle.

Posted by Kevin at 2: After this, it is nice and easy to get the first piece off. I infected him with the puzzle habit and he is driving his family nuts and spending more money than he should on puzzles.



Cast Enigma pieces Despite being rated as such a difficult puzzle — I solved this one in about 45 minutes and had good enough recall that I could immediately reassemble it although not all of you might be so lucky.

My original version was created with this image in mind, but the puzzle was completed into a cast puzzle with a bond that is truly difficult to unravel. It is packaged nicely in the usual Hanayama black box and the pieces are made of a lovely antique bronzed metal.