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The pin names in the module are mapped to the pin names in the simulation model. Whenever possible, break out bussed pins into individual pins.

A tri-state pin has three possible states: When intermediate objects are read, the tools read whatever intermediate objects they need from the original library, and, if the objects are not in the original library, from the TMP library. This is often the case with analog op- amps and other such parts. For example, the cell name is and the part name is 74LVT The datassheet at pin 1 an input determines the active datasehet of pin 2, as well as others.

Under each part, there are further subdirectories, such as entity, chips etc. Map View for Technology Independent Part.

Short Cut 74HC ,74HCD,74HC/HCT Quad Bilateral Switches

You can choose one argument from the list. A file should contain one library per line. Here are more examples of case-sensitive names: This involves creating the chips.

January 56 Product Version Be sure to enter the appropriate information for each package type since the information may vary. Packager-XL ignores blank lines and comment lines, but these lines make the file more easy to read. Each line marked with a bullet in the part type table outline below corresponds to a subsection that follows.


74HCD datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 74HC/HCT Quad Bilateral Switches

For each created design sheet, hlibgenxmpl makes a. If you plan to use custom port symbols instead of those supplied in the HDL Direct library, make sure to copy all the visible and invisible properties on the Datwsheet Direct port symbols. The following example defines the lsttl library and assigns the attribute TMP to the library defined as lsttl. If a part has sections that datasneet not interchangeable such as the LS51then there are additional views that describe the additional sections.

Description of Views for Technology Independent Libraries.

74HC/HCT4016 Quad Bilateral Switches

Place any note text that aids in part identification on the part. It has to be noted that no such property would exist in the absence of a model for that part in the Zeelan Library. IThis is an optional file.

It is an error if the same physical directory is contained in multiple library specifications. However, if the properties are missing, and the entity declaration is not present, HDL Direct might generate an inaccurate entity declaration. This file must contain the correct mapping for the libraries to be tested. For example, pin 2 on the 74LS bus transceiver is a bi-directional pin.

Mapping Scenarios Following is the description of the various mapping scenarios possible while creating VHDL wrappers. The simulation view maps the symbol or module to a simulation model. Cells for which the specified mapview or wrapper view does not exist.

The size of subscript is smaller than the pin name note 0. Bussed Pins Vectored pins are allowed within the Cadence libraries. Verilog Wrapper for Part With Sections. January 28 Product Version This guide describes how to maintain and modify the digital libraries. Creating Ports When creating an HDL Direct schematic, you must place port symbols on the page to indicate the ports on the entity.


Use the display grid in Concept-HDL to determine the symbol size. The module instantiates the original Verilog model, with explicit port mapping to the ports declared in the Verilog model. Make every effort to find and include the pin information in each part built. The value of that property should be a question mark?

Consider the part table displayed below: Physical Part Table File Format. Since this involves manually inputting data from a paper specification, this is the most probable area for errors to surface.

Use an open collector to make “wired-OR” connections between the collectors of several gates and to connect with a single pull-up resistor. Any port that is not present in a given section is specified with a port name of 0.

January 45 Product Version Each merge symbol has four versions-two for merges and two for demerges.

The Dqtasheet for a technology independent part shall need to have sections corresponding to each technology logical part as follows: January 73 Product Version When elaborating designs that include units from jct4016 read-only libraries, the elaborator may need to produce new intermediate files for a design unit that is in a read-only library.

These are connected to the body with a 0. You could label these pins in the reverse order as long as you are dataasheet with labeling. Symbol Versions Multiple versions of parts can be built to handle a variety of situations. Library Development Process As a librarian, you may need to create new libraries to support your development team. The syntax of the Concept-HDL pin name is the same syntax defined in the chips.