Introduction: Hemisection involves sectioning of a periodontally involved mandibular molar so as to remove the involved root and save the. Patients are becoming more educated in the available treatments and will ask for services by name. This paper offers a treatment option that preserves tooth. Advances in dentistry, as well as the increased desire of patients to maintain their dentition, have lead to treatment of teeth that once would have been removed.

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None, Conflict of Interest: Hemisection denotes the removal of compromised root and the associated crown portion with the loss of periodontal attachment and is performed to maintain the original tooth structure and attain the fixed prosthesis. The success rate of such procedure is high.


Hemisection: A conservative management of periodontally involved molar tooth in a young patient

The present case report demonstrates the successful management of hemisection of 46 with occlusal rehabilitation. It was a conservative approach aiming to retain as much original tooth structure as possible against the option of extraction of the natural tooth.

Root amputation and tooth hemisection. Dent Clin North Am ; Shah N, Gupta YK.

Hemisection and full coverage to relieve crowding and lingual displacement of pulpo-periodontally involved mandibular first molar. J Interdiscip Dent ;1: Hemisection as an alternative treatment for decayed multirooted terminal abutment: J Can Dent Assoc ; An option to treat apically fractured and disloged part of a mesial root of a molar.

J Pak Dent Hemisecttion ; Factors influencing the outcome of root-resection therapy in molars: A year retrospective study. A window of hope for freezing tooth.

Hemisection: A conservative approach Arora A, Arya A, Singhal RK, Khatana R – Indian J Dent Sci

Case Rep Dent ; Hemisection — A conservative approach for a periodontally compromised tooth — A case report. J Adv Oral Res ;3: Advanced Search Users Online: How to cite this article: Tootg J Dent Sci ;9: How to cite this URL: Preoperative Click here to view.


Preoperative radiograph Click here to view.

Obturation irt 35 and distal root of 36 Click here to view. Mesial root extracted Click here to view.

What is hemisection dental surgery?

Radiograph with mesial root extracted Click here to view. Fixed partial denture Click here to view. Related articles Furcation hemisection mandibular molar resection.