The provides converted values regardless of material or temperature. (TC function). Wide dynamic range, max. / digit display. Seven ranges. Thank you for purchasing this HIOKI ” mΩ HiTESTER.” To get the maximum performance from the unit, please read this manual first, and keep this at hand. Hioki Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hioki Instruction Manual.

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Chapter 4 Basic Hhioki 4. Chapter 9 Printer Interface 9. Inspection When the unit is delivered, check and make sure that it has not been damaged in transit. Before using this equipment, be sure to carefully read the following safety notes.

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Do not use the unit in direct sunlight, dusty conditions, or in the presence of corrosive gases. Particularly, the would be damaged by induced voltage when measuring soon after the temperature rise test or the pressure test of the trans or the motor. When it has NOTE been set incorrectly, inaccurate measurement would be performed. How to set this, Section 3. Particularly, when measuring the low resistance, it is necessary to measure the value without this resistance value. The temperature probe uses the platinum film resistor which is changeable according to the temperature, as the temperature sensor.

This probe displays the resistance value of that register, detected by theafter converting it to the temperature using the CPU. If the temperature probe is to be used in the measurement, make sure that the and the temperature probe are thoroughly warmed up before the measurement. The temperature probe and the device to be measured should be placed close together during the warm-up, so that both will be as close to the same temperature as possible during the measurement.

See Chapter 6, “External Control Terminals”, for the external control terminals. To prevent electric shock, before adding or replacing the interface, WARNING check that the power for the unit is off and the power cord and connectors are disconnected.

Take off the blank plate. Please keep the screws. Insert the interface with holding the guide rail between the rail of the Insert the interface tightly, be sure to tighten the screws which have been unscrewed in step 1. TC on the display indicates the function to be used, the temperature correction function or temperature conversion function.

When TC on the display is blinking, the temperature conversion function is used. Press the key and enter the shift states. Insert the lead to the input terminal of the front panel.

Hioki 3227 Manuals

Pull the each side of the handle and turn it, then push it in. Use after fixing it to the proper direction. In the each kind of setting mode, such as the comparator setting mode, when NOTE receiving any commands from GP-IB, the returns to the primary measurement mode automatically and enters the remote state. To release hiooi remote state, press Key input is valid.


Key input is invalid. If NOTE intend to select, error is generated. This is also able to execute from the external control terminal. See Chapter 6, “External Control Terminal”, for details.

To measure accurately, the leads should connect correctly. NOTE 2 Set the measurement mode to the resistance measurement. If it 32227 not used to the surrounding temperature, the serious error is generated. The measurement and its display are not renewed except when the external control terminal requires the measurement.

During free-running, they are renewed according to the rate which is set as the sampling rate. The comparator 327 in this case is displayed as shown below.

HIGH 3 Move the flashing cursor to the setting items with the cursor keys. When the NOTE comparator is not used, set the comparator table 1. In this case, skip the comparator table which has not been set or been invalidated in Section 5. When executing the temperature correction, “TC” on the display lights.

When the is not connected, the temperature mode is unable to select. If NOTE intend to select, an error is generated. Pressing key again makes it possible to select the table number. Wire the lines 3227 the pins of the recommended connector upon the pin arrangement. Screw the inserted connector to the connector of the When using the relay, always put the diode for absorbing the counter electromotive force.

Select the comparator table or the temperature convesion table followingly during the resistance measurement and execute. Each function is not NOTE executed. Turn on the switch on the rear panel. Start the self test self testing of the unit.

During the self test, press the key and the key at the same time. The setting contents of this unit are reset to the following initial state. The list of the error indication Error Errors Section Some check error of ROM is generated. It is necessary to repair this unit. The data or the address error of RAM is generated. Accordingly, this unit does not correspond to the clear of the output queue and the query error output under the dead lock states, stipulated in IEEE Press the cursor key and enter the GP-IB address setting mode.

The query messages are the orders which query the operation results, such as the measurement results or the setting state of the unit. The returns to the original measurement mode automatically, when NOTE receives the program message in the each setting mode, such as the comparator setting mode.

The command name is called “longform” and the shortened one called “shortform”. The response messages from the are returned with the capital long form. TERMinator”command is also able to select followings as the response message terminator. When the is receiving it, accepts NRf format, but when it is sending response messages it utilizes whichever one of the formats NR1 to NR3 is indicated in the particular command.

The has an output queue of bytes capacity. If the response messages overflow this limit, a query error is generated, and the output queue is cleared. If the data accumulated in this buffer exceeds bytes, and the buffer becomes full, the GP-IB interface bus goes into the waiting state until a space again becomes available in the buffer. The status byte register is an 8-bit register whose contents are output from the to the controller, when the serial polling is being performed.

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If even only one bit in the status byte register has changed from 0 to 1 provided that it is a bit which has been set in the service request enable register as a bit which can be usedthen the MSS bit is set to 1. If any bit in the standard event status register is set to 1 after masking by the standard event status enable registerbit 5 ESB of the status byte register is set to 1.

Status byte register STB bit 6 bit When a command which has been received contains a syntactic or semantic error, this bit is set to 1.

Bit 5 The command is not supported by the There is a mistake in a program header. The number of data parameters is wrong. For a command that has parameters, specifies their format. Specifies points to which attention should be paid when using the Note command. Note This has no effect upon the output queue, the various enable registers, and bit 4 the MAV bit of the status byte register.

Returns the set contents of the status byte register STB as a numeral Function data value data in NR1 format taken from the set: Causes the to perform the self hiokki, and returns the result as a Function numerical data value data in NR1 format in the range 0 through When each bit is becomes 1, the errors of the corresponding items are generated.

Hiokl headers are ON: The hiok error is generated in the following circumstances. Function When data is set to 16, selects the comparator table using in the temperature conversion mode. Error When not in the temperature conversion mode or if the table number is set to 16, an excecution error occurs. Syntax Returns the mode of the external control terminal in the comparator table, Function set by “: Function Error The execution error is generated when not in the temperature conversion display.

When the temperature correction function is selected at power on, the Error executed error is generated. Returns the temperature conversion table setting set by “: Returns the temperature conversion table set by “: Returns the present use power supply frequency as a numerical hiokii in Function NR1 format data. Function If headers are ON: Returns the current temperature measurement value as a numerical value Function in NR2 format.

Returns the current resistance measurement range setting, as hiki numerical Function value in NRf format data. TCSET data1, data2 data data1: Note When the headers are ON, even the comma “,” Executes the zero adjustment and queries the result: