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Sometimes people need to retain the purity of the SQL statements, other times because extra information needs to be passed.

This attribute is normally only required if the column is nullable. Properties are handy during building, testing, and deployment.

If your database is generating the primary keys, the generated key can be returned from the same method call, like this:.

Mainting the element order ensures consistent results between different drivers and providers. This method allows you to process result sets row by row but using the result object rather than the usual columns and rows.

Showing Answers 1 – 4 of 4 Answers. You can also use an absolute path to your Data Map definition files, if that is more convenient. There is no tool for converting Java code, and therefore it must be done by hand.

The following table shows the inferred Parameter type based on the object passed as the Parameter value or the specified DbType. When application becoming huge and complex answrs model starts breaking down. Result Maps support primitive types as results as well.

iBATIS Interview Questions & Answers

Working with Data Maps 3. The QueryforMap methods provide the same functionality but under a different name, for the sake of continuity with the Java implementation. There are 2 steps. Rather than discuss the ScriptRunner in length, consider the following examples that shows how simple it is to use. For a select, you can select all or select by a key or keys. Although using explicit transactions is very highly recommended, there is a simplified semantic ibstis can be used for simple requirements generally read-only.


Here is a qurstions example:. Note An example is the Java PreparedStatement method. But such things never exists in JAVA persistence world.

The final option is to not upgrade at all. Example 76 shows a singleton Mapper that is bundled with the framework. You provide the database and the objects; iBATIS provides the mapping layer that goes between the two. The LRU cache implementation uses an Least Recently Used algorithm to determines how objects are automatically removed from the cache.

In Example 25, the [brackets] indicate optional attributes. NET configuration and definitions in your. An example familiar to most would be a web search engine that finds 10, hits, but only displays at a time. You will need to add three or more XML file items to your Windows or Web application project and Test project if you have one. You might have noticed that in the above examples there is only a single key being used as specified in the resultMap by the column attribute.

For example, you may not want a column name intended for an order by clause to end up as a property in your business object, or as a field value on your server page. The bundled DataSourceFactory implementations are discussed in the next section. The framework will prepare the SQL statement or stored procedure, set any runtime values using your parameter, execute the procedure or statement, and return the result.

Result Maps finish the job by mapping the result of a database query a set of columns to object properties.

To improve performance, many developers like to cache often-used data, to avoid making unnecessary trips back to the database. This method requires the type to be specified.


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The bundled DataSourceFactory implementations are discussed in Sections 4. Properties make it easy to reconfigure your application for multiple environments or use automated tools for configuration e. In some cases we have seen that an application was rewritten in a different language, but the SQL and database remained largely unchanged.

Ruby on Rails Interview Questions. NET is used to explicitly specify the database column type of the parameter to be set by this property. The resultMap can contain any number of property mappings that map object properties to the columns of a result set. This is the class that will be instantiated and populated based on the result mappings it contains.

Although Result Maps do not have the same difficulties with null values, specifying the type can be useful for certain mapping types such as Date properties. Simple, but labor intensive, since developers spend a lot of time counting symbols to make sure everything is in sync. In other words, each thread can have at most one transaction open, per SqlMapper instance. A null parameter object can be passed if no parameters are expected, otherwise it is required.

The inline parameters here are id and description. In Hibernate Java objects are mapped to the database tables.

The full classname or an alias must be specified. For your convenience, primitive types are aliased by the framework. Configuring the Data Mapper for Java 4.