IBM System x M2 – Xeon X GHz – Monitor: none. Series IBM X4. Processor Main Features. Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology. x M2 delivers unrivaled reliability, providing The x M2 is a traditional 4-socket server that go to or call 1 ShopIBM. x IBM System x M2 and System x M2 Types and User’s .. information, see

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An easy upgrade path provides the necessary flexibility to deliver an optimized solution for scale-up database, enterprise applications and server consolidation through virtualization services.

Lenovo System x M2 – rack-mountable – Xeon X GHz – 16 GB Overview – CNET

Ability to upgrade to scalable system with the ScaleXpander Option kit allowing customers the flexibility to scale as their business needs change. Fourth-generation Enterprise X-Architecture chipset design enhancements deliver performance, balanced design and proven reliability that customers have come to expect from this class of server.

All system x M2 comes standard with a remote supervisor adapter II and redundant power supplies. Most xsries has been discontinued, replaced with the Models. The below models Left in place for reference only!! Build your x M2 with the Links Below.


Each memory port out of the memory controller has a peak read throughput of 4. DIMMs are installed in matched pairs, two-way interleaving, to ensure the memory port is fully utilized.

Because there are eight memory ports, spreading installed DIMMs across all four memory ports can improve performance. The eight independent memory ports provide simultaneous access to memory. With four memory cards installed, and eight DIMMs in each card, peak read memory bandwidth is All models of the x M2 have two processors installed.

Two or four processors are supported. Installed processors must be identical in model, speed, and cache size. Using three processors in one system is not supported.

All processors must be identical in type, speed and cache size. By using four GB drives, you can install up to GB of disk internally. Xesries Slots are half length. There are no PCI-X riser cards available.

Larger cable management arm replaces the existing arm to allow the easy installation of the scalability cables. ScaleXpander chip transforms the x M2 into a x M2. The x M2 already comes with the necessary components including a ibj cable to be able to form an N-way configuration and therefore does not require this option.


IBM X Servers | eBay

Warranty Service Upgrade Overview. Standard Warranty 3 year x385 and labor Warranty Service On site, 8 am – 5 pm, Mon – Fri coverage excluding holidays, next business day response time On site service upgrade options in eligible locations: This program delivers one-stop shopping and flexibility to imb distributors, allowing them to buy their Microsoft Windows Server operating systems and IBM System x and BladeCenter servers from one source.

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X M2 Sales Guide. X M2 Visual Tour.

IBM System x3850 M2 7233 – Xeon X7460 2.66 GHz – Monitor : none. Series

Software And Device Drivers. These Models Still available through Distribution.

Dual Core Xeon E 2. Quad Core Xeon E 2. Xseeries Bays The x M2 has four internal 2. ScaleXpander Option Kit 2,3,4 Node – per server. This offering contains the 32 bit version only.