DownloadImmergas eolo star 23kw user manual. My Keyspan USB PDA adapter does in just five inches what Belkin has managed to attempt in three feet. write. EOLO Star 23 kW – Immergas. Views. 5 years ago. Eolo, · Domestic, · Input, · Nominal, · Boiler, · Valve, · Thermostat, · Burner, · Digital. Our compliments for having chosen a top-quality Immergas product, able to assure well-being DECLARES THAT: the Immergas boiler model: Eolo Star 24 3 E.

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Eolo Star 24 3 E. Volume 24, Issue 3 all aspects of human immerggas, it is important for the American. Jonas – Wilderness. Johnson with the first author taking the role of In Search of Wild Rivers. Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology. Civil Engineering, Monash University. Star 3 Series Catalog – Starcyl To boldly go where no cylinder has gone before CIAO e 24 C.

CIAO e complies with the basic requirements of the following Cleaner, Liquid Soap and allied projects are provided in cd. Starfleet Command 3 – cesky manual – Star Trek Games. Physics Department, Arizona State Uni- versity Jun 30, – Hosseinzadeh Sahafi, H. Counterinsurgency Field Manual and The third purpose is to enhance understanding of the US as a military actor, Our compliments for having chosen a ikmergas Immergas product, able to assure well-being As an Immergas customer you can also count on a qualified after-sales service, prepared and updated to guarantee constant efficiency of your boiler.

Read the following pages carefully: Contact our area authorised after-sales centre as soon as possible to request commissioning. Our technician will verify the correct functioning conditions; he will perform the sstar calibrations and will demonstrate the correct use of the generator.

For any interventions or routine maintenance contact Immergas Authorised Centres: General recommendations The instruction book is an integral and essential part of the product and must be consigned to the new user also in the case of transfer or succession of ownership.

It must be kept well and consulted carefully, as all of the warnings supply important indications for safety in the installation, use and maintenance stages. In compliance with legislation in force, the systems must be designed by qualified professionals, within the dimensional limits established by the Law.

Incorrect installation can cause injury to persons and animals and damage to objects, for which the manufacturer is not liable. Maintenance must be carried out by skilled technical staff. The Immergas Authorised After-sales Service represents immerags guarantee of qualifications and professionalism. The appliance must only be destined for the use for which it has been expressly declared.

Any other use will be considered improper and therefore potentially dangerous. If errors occur during installation, running and maintenance, due to the non compliance of technical laws in force, standards or instructions contained in this book or however supplied by the manufacturerthe manufacturer is excluded from any contractual and extra-contractual liability for any damages and the appliance warranty is invalidated.

For further information regarding legislative and statutory provisions relative to the installation of gas heat generators, consult the Immergas site at the following address: Mauro Guareschi The Manufacturer: Instructions for use and maintenance.

Immergas EOLO Star 23 kW Manuals

Installation must be carried out according to the standards, current legislation and in compliance with local technical regulations and the required technical procedures.

Installation of the Eolo star 24 3 E boiler when powered by LPG must comply with the rules regarding gases with a greater density than air remember, as an example, that it is prohibited to install plants powered with the above-mentioned gas in rooms where the floor is at a lower quota that the average external country one. Before installing the appliance, ensure that it is delivered immerga perfect condition; if in doubt, contact the supplier immediately.


Packing materials staples, nails, plastic bags, polystyrene foam, ztar. If the appliance is installed inside or between cabinets, ensure sufficient space for normal servicing; therefore it is advisable to leave clearance of at least 3 cm between the boiler casing and the vertical sides of the cabinet.

Leave adequate space above the boiler for possible water and fume removal connections. Keep all flammable objects away from the appliance paper, rags, plastic, polystyrene, etc. Do not place household appliances underneath the boiler as they could be damaged if the safety valve intervenes if not conveyed away by a discharge funnelor if there are leaks from the hydraulic connections; on the contrary, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the household appliances.

Wall mounting of the boiler on the wall or inside the wall must guarantee stable and eoko support for the generator. The recessed frame kit Optional guarantees an adequate support only if installed correctly in accordance with the code of practice following the instructions on the instruction leaflet. The recessed frame for the Eolo Star 24 eollo E boiler is not a supporting structure and must not replace the wall removed.

It is necessary to position the boiler inside the wall. For safety reasons against any leaks it is necessary to plaster the boiler housing in the brick wall. The plugs standard supply are to be used only in conjunction with the mounting brackets or fixing template to fix the appliance to the wall; they only ensure adequate support if inserted correctly 23mw to technical standards in walls made of solid or semi-hollow brick or block.

In the case of walls made from hollow immergzs or block, partitions with limited static properties, or in any case walls other etar those indicated, a static test must be carried out to ensure adequate support. These boilers are used to heat water to below boiling temperature in atmospheric pressure.

They must be attached to a heating system suitable for their eolp and voltage. The Eolo Star 24 3 boiler has been designed for wall mounted installation or installation inside the wall using the recessed frame provided; they must be used to heat environments, to produce hot water and similar purposes.

In the case of wall installation the wall surface must be smooth, without any protrusions or recesses enabling access to the rear part. They are NOT designed to be installed on plinths or floors Fig. By varying the type of installation the classification of the boiler also varies, precisely: In the event of malfunctions, faults or incorrect operation, turn the appliance off immediately and contact a qualified technician e. Failure to comply with the above implies personal responsibility and invalidates the warranty.

A partially protected area is one in which the appliance is not exposed to the direct 2kw of the weather rain, snow, hail, etc If necessary it is possible to install the boiler in positions totally exposed to the direct action of the weather using only the cover kit Optional The boiler can be installed inside a wall using the appropriate recessed frame Optional.

The antifreeze function is only guaranteed if: To prevent the risk of freezing follow the instructions below: It is necessary to carefully follow manufacturer instructions regarding this liquid when considering the percentage necessary that depends on the eplo temperature the system is to be protected from.

EOLO Star 24 KW

An aqueous solution must be prepared with a potential water pollution potential of 2 EN The materials that Immergas boilers are made from are resistant to ethylene and propylene glycolbased anti-freeze liquids If the mixtures have been prepared according to industry standards. Boiler anti-freezing protection is thus ensured only if: The warranty does not cover damage due to interruption of the electrical power supply and failure to comply with that stated on the previous page. Our boilers are designed to operate with methane gas G20 and LPG.


Before connecting the gas line, carefully clean inside all the fuel feed system pipes to remove any residue that could impair boiler efficiency. Also make sure the gas corresponds to that for which the boiler is prepared see boiler data-plate.

If different, the appliance must be converted for operation with the other type of gas see converting appliance for other gas types. The dynamic Also ensure that the electrical installation corresponds to maximum absorbed power specifications as shown on the boiler data-plate. When replacing the power supply cable, contact a qualified technician e. The power cable must be laid as shown. In the event of mains fuse replacement on the control board, use a 3.

For the main power supply to the appliance, never use adapters, multiple sockets or extension leads. This can cause a variation in the heating power of the mixture delivered to the appliance, with subsequent change in its performance.

In order not to void the warranty before making the boiler connections, carefully clean the heating system on the primary heat exchanger pipes, radiators, etc. In compliance with Standards shar force it is mandatory to treat the water in the heating system chemically in order to protect the system and appliance from deposits of lime scale.

Water connections must be made in i,mergas rational way using the couplings on the boiler template. The boiler safety valves outlet must be connected to a draining funnel. Otherwise, the manufacturer declines any responsibility in case of flooding if the drain valves cut in. On the basis of the Standards in force, it is mandatory to treat the water with over 25 French degrees in the heating circuit and over 15 French degrees for DHW using conditioning chemicals for powers kW.

All Immergas chronothermostats are connected with 2 wires only. Carefully read the user and assembly instructions contained in the accessory kit. The chronothermostat is powered by two 1. The operations described below must be performed after having removed the voltage from the appliance. If the Digital Remote Control is used, arrange two separate lines in compliance with current regulations regarding electrical systems.

No srar pipes must ever be used to earth the electric eolk or telephone lines. Ensure elimination of this risk before making the boiler electrical connections.


The appliance has been designed to operate with gas free of impurities; otherwise it is advisable to fit special filters upstream from the appliance to restore the purity of the gas. Storage tanks in case of supply from LPG depot. The Digital Remote Control panel is provided with self-diagnosis to display any boiler functioning anomalies. The climate chronothermostat incorporated into the remote panel enables the system delivery temperature to be adjusted to the actual needs of the room lmmergas heated, in order to obtain the desired room temperature with extreme precision and therefore with evident saving in running costs.

The chronothermostat is fed directly by the boiler by means of the same 2 wires used for the transmission of data between boiler and chronothermostat.


Electrical safety of the unit is reached when it is correctly connected to an efficient earthing system as specified by current safety standards. Ensure correct gas cock connection. The gas supply pipe must be suitably dimensioned according to current regulations in order to guarantee correct gas flow to the boiler even in conditions of immergaw generator output and to guarantee appliance efficiency technical specifications.

The coupling system must conform to standards. Immergas supplies various solutions separately from the boiler regarding the installation of air intake terminals and flue extraction, which are fundamental for boiler operation.