Throughout the CP Group, we can see real changes taking place as we seek to make a positive contribution to society in Thailand and beyond. Suphachai. Custom International Agribusiness in China: Charoen Pokphand Group Harvard Business (HBR) Case Study Analysis & Solution for $ Leadership. Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Group would not be the company it is today without its Later, ‘Charoen Pokphand’ expanded its operations into the agribusiness and and international levels, particularly from the People’s Republic of China.

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The Chairman comments on the Group’s future investment plans in the poultry and pig sectors in in Russia and Thailand.

Charoen Pokphand Group plans to develop three integrated poultry layer farms in selected villages in China where it will likely apply its successful agricultural village management model, especially that of Nong Wah village in Thailand. Bangkok Post reports that the Thai conglomerate entered into a contract with Beijing two years ago to help modernise China’s farm sector and promote integrated farming businesses there.

CP Group chairman, Dhanin Chearavanont, said the group planned to raise about three million layers in each integrated egg-laying farm. Each site would also have a chicken feed production plant and a processing plant for higher value egg-based products such as powdered and liquid eggs for the food industry.


CP Group Sets up Integrated Poultry Farms in China – The Poultry Site

Chicken manure would be used as fertiliser. He did not give specific locations and investment capital involved. CP Group, Thailand’s largest agribusiness group, was the first foreign investor in China.

It has invested billions agtibusiness dollars over three decades in several ventures including shopping malls, the poultry industry, animal feed and motorcycle plants. Its successful farm operations attracted attention from Chinese officials, who are promoting a programme worth billion renminbi CNY involving four parties: Over the past two years, a number of delegations of Chinese authorities have visited farm villages supported by CP, and the Nong Wah agricultural village in Chachoengsao has become an impressive prototype, according to another CP executive.

International Agribusiness in China: Charoen Pokphand Group Case Solution & Answer

Each villager was allocated 24 rai [around 3. After 30 years, villagers were able to repay debts and run the village on their own under the Nong Wah Agricultural Village Company. According to Mr Dhanin, CP has no plan for further investments in poultry farms, especially layer operations in Ihternational.

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But China continues to hold great business potential given its 1.

He also encouraged Thai livestock companies to expand investment abroad to tap into growing meat demand. While CP has a number of investments in livestock in several countries, production remains low when compared with domestic demands.

Charoen Pokphand – Wikipedia

CP’s pig investment in China, while also sizeable, accounts for a mere six per cent of the Griup market, which produces about 46 million tonnes of pork per year. Enlarged farm sizes, high quality breeds and stronger marketing were the factors that would improve the Thai livestock business in the future, Mr Dhanin added.

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