Ioan Culianu was a professor renowned for his study of the Renaissance, magic, and religion and as vocal critic of Romania’s post-Communist. A few minutes later, the police found the body of Ioan Culianu, a year-old religion instructor, slumped over in a locked stall in the men’s room. One of those victims, surely one of the most interesting, was Ioan Culianu, a Romanian-born scholar of the history of religion, who was shot to.

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Ioan Petru CulianuRomanian-born historian of religions, essayist and fiction writer, served on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Divinity School.

Guide to the Ioan P. Culianu Papers 1883-1991

Mentored by Mircea Eliade, Culianu specialized in the history of Renaissance magic and mysticism. Culianu was murdered in the University of Chicago’s Swift Hall, a crime that remains unsolved.

While material in this collection spans the yearsthe bulk of material dates fromand includes correspondence, notes, manuscripts and reprints of published writings. Restricted, contains a single file of class lists fromlisting student grades.

Lingua Franca | The Killing of Professor Culianu

This material is restricted until When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Ioan Petru Culianuhistorian of religions, essayist and fiction writer, served on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. He eventually earned three doctoral degrees, including a Ph. He lived in France and the Netherlands before arriving at the University of Chicago as a visiting lecturer, and then became a professor in the Culianh School. Culianu wrote proficiently in six languages.


Otherwordly Journeys from Gilgamesh to Albert Einstein.

Culianu also wrote fiction and essays, including political pieces opposing Romania’s post-Revolution regime. Neither the motive nor the killer’s identity is known, though numerous theories have been advanced, many related to Culianu’s criticism of Romanian politics.

This collection documents Culianu’s activities as an historian of religions, including his relationships with colleagues and his mentor, Mircea Eliade. While material in this collection spans the yearsthe bulk of material dates from This collection is organized into five series:.

Correspondence,includes primarily incoming correspondence, with a few copies of outgoing letters. Most of the correspondence is professional in nature, and most correspondents are Culianu’s colleagues at universities in the United States and Cklianu.

A small amount of administrative correspondence is also included.

Reprints of writings by correspondents accompany many of the letters. Mircea Eliade, is a collection of material related to Culianu’s mentor, a leading scholar of religious studies. Much of this material was compiled shortly after Eliade’s death inand relates to Culianu’s work as his literary executor.

Material in this series spans the yearsand includes drafts of writings about Eliade by Culianu and other colleagues; editorial and personal correspondence; reprints of Eliade’s writings; and memorial material such as obituaries. Writings by Culianu, contains several files of manuscripts, drafts and notes; culiamu files are organized chronologically.


Guide to the Ioan P. Culianu Papers

Also included in this series are a set of reprints of Italian-language writings, mostly book reviews, published from Following are chronological files of reprints of writings published from Additional writings by Culianu are found in Series II. Writings by Others, consists of colleagues’ manuscripts sent to Culianu for review, organized alphabetically by author; two files of student papers; and a a large collection of reprints, periodicals and photocopied texts, filed chronologically. Material in this series spans the yearswith the bulk of material dating from While much of the material in this collection is in English, there are significant portions in Italian, Romanian, German, French, Dutch and Greek.

McGinn, Bernard, “God as Eros: Reflections on Cosmic Love in the Christian Tradition,” manuscript and correspondence, Guide to the Ioan P.

Correspondence, Series II: Writings by Culianu Series IV: Writings by Others Series V: Unidentified author, “Korte Grammaticea van het Sahidische Koptisch,” manuscript, undated. Unidentified author, “Meso-American Religions: Cities and Symbols,” manuscript, undated.