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I am a member of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee ( TC) , which is charged with developing the ISO Understand and prioritize the threats to your business with the international standard for business continuity. ISO specifies the requirements for a. A US-based perspective on the progress of both ISO and ISO , Organizational Resilience Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for.

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You may be interested in: That is, a recognition that organisations must not prepare to simply survive and continue in the face of crises, but learn from them and use them to improve and evolve.

Ieo ISO training courses. An ISO package can be designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be — whatever your starting point.

The final subsection of section 8 covers exercises and tests, a key part of BCM. It is not specific to any industry or sector. This will usually include elements of training and building awareness of how to handle disruptive incidents with difficult and unusual characteristics, as well as finding out if processes work as expected.

The committee was then ready to create a management system standard with requirements and intended for certification. Organizational resilience made simple with new ISO standard Resilience is the key for any business wanting to thrive in an ever-changing world.


As governments and regulators began to recognize the role of business continuity in mitigating the effects of disruptive incidents on society, they increasingly sought to gain assurance that key players had appropriate business continuity arrangements in place.

Input from the national standards was used to develop the initial draft wordings and gradually refined to become a new document bringing together good practice from around the world. We offer packages that can be customized to your business to get you started with business continuity management. The BSI website 23223 cookies.


The committee has previously published the following standards and other documents: Download ISO resources. Tests are where some element of the business continuity arrangements is demonstrated to work a pass or not fail. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: In light of this, the discipline became known as business continuity management BCM.

A challenge with ISO has been the large number of national documents on the subject, which has caused difficulties in gaining agreement.

The consequences can cause major disruption, which makes proper planning, through business continuity management, an essential tool for businesses that want to go Quickly understood, user-focused documents are more suitable than the large, unwieldy documents suited to auditors. In fact, reflecting resilient attitudes amongst the national Principal Experts responsible, the original effort at a standard, ISOwas abandoned at the end of and a new project started under ISO Listen to the University of Surrey’s story about how Kso benefited them and their organizational resilience.


In business, as in life, both can happen at the same time, catching us off guard. See all ISO training courses. ISO has published an International Standard addressing business continuity management to contribute making organizations in both public and private sectors ISO is the second published management systems standard that has adopted the new high-level structure and standardized text agreed ios ISO.

The area of societal security is multi-disciplinary and involves actors from both the public and private sectors.

Can we standardise resilience? | UCL Resiliblog

The influence of the standard will therefore be much greater than those who simply choose to be certified against the standard. A new standard just published will help put organizations in a better position to meet the challenges ahead. Check out our FAQs.

Later, at Siemens, he developed and led a business continuity consultancy. This news belongs to our archive. Our knowledge can transform your organization. By Barnaby Lewis on 8 November