Hey all, anyone have an experience with the JBL MPS subs? I can pick up a pair for about $ I’ve never heard them so I don’t know. Find great deals for JBL MPS 18″ Passive Subwoofer Pair. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The MPro MPS is a compact, single eighteen-inch subwoofer in a bass reflex enclosure. It is designed to supplement and extend the low-frequency output of.

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Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Previous 1 2 Next. Great subs if they have original drivers. Stock units were 4 ohm, so size np418s amp correctly. I have 4 of them with a pair of SRX’s and I love them. I have 4 as well and love them.

Used JBL MPS Subwoofers for Sale |

I power them with a Lab Gruppen FP and give them about the same 2ohm stereo. What about the price? Excellent deal if in good condition with original drivers. That would be a fantastic deal Yes I have 4 as well.


They rock hard for the size and love the weight! Slightly smaller box with a bit less extension than the SRX models with the still being less than half of a Same basic driver though.

,p418s the plus side it’s like 25 lbs less than a I have two MPS subs and they work great for me. They are not jbbl large and not too heavy. I drive them with a Crown XLS w 4ohm.

JBL MPS , Any good ? | Harmony Central

I have 4 x subs driven with an RMXhd. I use them just as a single pair great results most rooms and I can add the others in the center as a sub cluster as well. Even putting the singers monitor there. Or they jump on and sing!!

Note that the MP series tops are not in the same catagoty as the MP series. The deal sounds good, but the cost of the replacement 12’s might be a bit higher than you expect.

The damage comes from folks powering them as recommended but without the proper high pass filter which is around 70Hz. With a lower HPF, the real world power handling falls off rapidly. I might have some drivers that would work as well or better than the originals for less than the oem parts. Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.


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