A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cobralingus by Jeff Noon. Jeff Noon is a novelist, short story writer and playwright whose works make use of word play and fantasy. Noon’s speculative. Antony Johnston START > INLET Welcome to the review of Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobralingus. DRUG: HYPERBOLIN > ENHANCE Jeff.

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A box of treasures, with many secret compartments. I just love the stuff too much. Vobralingus stuff in here you don’t even know about, nobody does.

Cobralingus – Jeff Noon

How the text is to be transformed by any particular filter is entirely up to the individual. Jeff Noon at his Nooniest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Cobralingus is the end result of this process. Beyond the wordplay, check out Alice’s own explanation of the Jabberwocky poem: Return to Book Page. There is a Vurt film in the works, but as of the date of this writing, Jeff Noon has stated on his public website that ” It applies the techniques of electronic cobralinggus music to the production of words, dissolving language.

There are to be no flashbacks, no authorial voices, no dual cobralignus. As a teenager, Noon was addicted to American comic heroes, and still turns to them for inspiration. In other words, a retreat is made into the past. The narrative fabric of the latest cult movie is woven through with jump cuts, freeze-frames, montage, slow motion shots, tracking shots, hand-held camera techniques, and the like.


Lists with This Book. As readers, we need to bring the expertise we use when enjoying a film or a piece of visual art into our appreciation of the novel. Words can be stretched, broken, melted, drugged, mutated, forced into submission, set free.

Cobralingus And Text Remixing

Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobrakingus, is published by Codex. Lisa Lumdeedums rated it liked it Jun 17, November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hard to describe but very beautiful.

Jul 30, Marc Nash rated it it was amazing. If you love Jeff Noon you should already have read this book! The narrative is full of Alice mis-hearing words, most notably worm instead of wurmand pneumonia instead of newmonia.

Jeff Noon’s top 10 fluid fiction books

Notify me of new comments via email. There is some danger here too: Noon’s speculative fiction books have ties to the works xobralingus writers such as Lewis Carroll and Jorge Luis Borges.

Ford writes a lovely sentence, and he piles them up to produce plots that never really close, so there’s no sense of nion manipulated. Described like this, it sounds a very cold, mechanical operation; in fact, the music created in this way often reveals an cobralngus, ruined beauty.

The book does experiment with the visual art side as well as with passages of words. No longer available online. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. When concerning the “vurtual” world, some references to Greek mythology are noticeable, including Persephone and Demeterthe river Styx and Charonand Hades portrayed by the character John Barleycorn. Carroll operates on language like a cruel, crazy surgeon.


Cobralingus contains ten examples of texts manipulated by the so-called Cobralingus Engine, a device contrived by Jeff Noon. The film will be directed by Billy O’ Brien Isolation film.

Ultimately that should be the point: Two British writers, Nicholas Blincoe and Matt Thorne, recently made a set of 10 rules by which to create fiction. Now is the time to raise up the fragile, blossoming ghost. Set against such material, no wonder the contemporary novel seems moribund.

Perhaps not the best starting point for the work of Jeff Noon I’d nominate “Vurt” for that honor, or if you just want to dip your toes in, his “Pixel Juice” short story collectionbut certainly not a bad one either, if it weren’t cobralinugs the book’s possibly-prohibitive cost. Cole rated it it was amazing Jun 23, But Noon also adds a bit more: What are the prose equivalents of the tracking shot, the hyperlink, the remix, the freeze-frame?

Thomas McNulty rated it really liked it May 24, Cobralingus by Jeff Noon. Topics Culture Top 10s. Jeff Noon gives you the cla William Burroughs and Terry Southern’s cut up techniques were a bit too oblique to me. Erik Gibb rated it really liked it Jul 19, It’s like an oil painter saying he doesn’t like paint.