Auditing is a key security aspect of identity solutions. The JOSSO’s auditing module provides a systematic way of collecting information related. This tutorial focuses on the scenario that requires JOSSO to play the IP role. We will go through the process of modeling and configuring a. This tutorial describes how to implement RESTful services authentication and authorization using JOSSO. In this case we are using Java.

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In this tutorial I’ll explain how to change the authentication and authorization mechanism of ManyDesigns Portofino. It can be also accessed by other applications written in ASP, php, etc, or via web services.

JOSSO 2.4 : Open ID Connect Tutorial

In this section, I’ll summarize those installation instructions briefly. Use the following commands to install the Gateway and the Agent. You have to specify the path to your aplication server, and the platform e. Physically they copy various configuration files, jars and the wars JOSSO server and a demo client to your server. If you haven’t installed Portofino yet, make sure you read ” Portofino tutorial part 1: Installing and running the software “.


The main files are the following:.

In this tutorial, we’ll customize only files 2 and 7. You can leave the others to their default, or customize them later.

Add the “Users” role and associate “user2” or any othe built-in user to it. Tell JOSSO that your Portofino instance is a partner application by adding the following lines to the file josso-agent-config. It already has a commented security-constraint section.

JOSSO : Java API for RESTful Services (JAX-RS) Tutorial

Notice that the role name “Users” must match the role name defined in josso-users. A few more changes to the web.

Now we need to modify one of the servlets. Locate the ‘Login’ servlet – it looks like this:. The system will return you to Portofino and you should see that you are logged in as user1. This is handy if you want to reference user objects in your applications e.

JOSSO : Auditing Tutorial

Change the way the login page looks http: These docs are for Portofino 3, which is a legacy product. Check out Portofino 4! With Portofino 4 you can create a webapp in 30 seconds from an existing database.


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