Journey of the Universe has ratings and 31 reviews. Bryan said: I found this book very irritating, and did not enjoy reading it. I was curious, so I. In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the. PDF | On Nov 1, , Julianne Lutz Warren and others published Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe.

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Journey of the Universe

Each species has its unique role to play for the larger community. Feb 15, Leo rated it really liked it Shelves: Is that common knowledge? He journeu that the popular view is that the earth is like a gravel pit or a hardware store, that the earth is just stuff to be used. The book refers to many things without prior explanation leptons, quite early in the book, for example.

The film and the DVD series will joirney released in Also wonderful is the ujiverse narrative spine and to ask over and over-ok, what does it mean for us? It puts us in perspective-and conveys wonder that Earth and life are here in the first place and how amazing it is to be in what is apparently one of the most creative nooks in the universe.

Nov 10, Nate rated it liked it Shelves: The same is true on Earth. Fabulous overview of the universe and all, dare I say it? View all 4 comments.

Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme

In this way, the universe is imagined as evolving with a telos of Beauty. More theology of physics, please!


Search for ” Journey of the Universe ” on Amazon. I’m no scientist but found it easy to follow, interesting and helped deepen my respect for the interconnectedness of life on earth.

Pacific Sun magazine reports that Swimme is at the forefront of a new movement that integrates science and spirituality. Add to that some very random comments about whale people and bird people, and I wondered what I was doing reading it. It’s hard to remind yourself on a jniverse basis just how truly bananas and rare that it is we are here at all. swmime

But in the case of poetry, it’s the exact opposite! Towards the end of the book, the authors essentially proselytize about how humans are destroying our own ecological system — a view I share. Love, truth, compassion and zest—all of these qualities regarded as divine become powerfully embodied in the universe.

In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving tne findings of modern science together with enduring wisdom found in the humanistic traditions of the West, China, India, and indigenous peoples.

All of the ideas in the book are sturdy and well-supported, but at the same time some of the physics and biology are almost expressed too simply. Mar 08, Rick Hribko rated it really liked it.

This book is part of a larger project that includes a documentary film, an educational DVD series, and a website. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. The authors offer hope that we can change course and stop destroying the planet, but it’s sobering to think that after billions of years of moving forward, we may actually be moving backward.


Brian Swimme – Wikipedia

Despite some errors — the innermost core of the Earth is not liquid but solid and trilobite eyes were not made of calcite crystals, only the lenses were — this book is an important beginning of universw from where we’ve come, where we are now, and where we are headed.

Journey of the Universe 6. This is ojurney short and very accessible text that discusses the fact that scientists and religious theorists acting alone will not be able to explain the synchronicity and purposefulness of the universe.

There’s a lot of material swimms We are just a speck in the universe, but we swimm brings with the capacity to feel comprehensive compassion in the midst of an ocean of intimacy” – page Journey of the Universe is precisely that, an account of the universe’s odyssey from the big bang right up to the present day, as based on the latest scientific understanding of how the cosmos has formed.

Despite some errors — the innermost core of the Earth is not liquid but solid and trilob This little book presents a kind of cosmology: Edit Details Official Sites: Maybe the problem is that a story of this magnit Basically a meditation on the scientific, cosmological, evolutionary, unfolding history of the universe.