Vol 3, No 2 (): JURNAL EDISI MEI-AGUSTUS PENGARUH SENAM KEGEL DAN PIJAT PERINEUM TERHADAP KEKUATAN OTOT. This research aimed to know the difference of influence of kegel exercises and .. and J. Darwanty, “Efektivitas Senam Kegel terhadap Waktu Penyembuhan. Luka Perineum pada Ibu Post Partum Normal,” Jurnal Penelitian Kesehatan Suara. Pengaruh latihan Kegel Terhadap Frekuensi lnkontinensia Urine Pada Lansia di Panti Wreda Pucang Gading Semarang.

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Maria Magdalena Purba 1 ,Widya Warastuti 2. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Gout may interfere with comfort during activities due to joint pain and also cause a high risk of complications such as Urolithiasis and Nephropathy. Treatment of gout, especially those experiencing acute uric acid can be done pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically. This research is more focused on non-pharmacological therapy with ergonomic gymnastics.

The research method is quasi-experiment with pre and posttest design with 25 respondents and 25 control group. The result of this research shows that there is a significant correlation between ergonomic gymnastics with decrease of uric acid level in treatment group shown by the significant value 0. Ergonomic gymnastics can maximize the supply of oxygen to the brain, sweat system, body’s heating system, as well as to a combustion system such as uric acid.

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This way, the gymnastics provides health for the elderly so that the elderly are happy in the old days. Hidayat suggests that the prevalence of gout is approximately 2. In Indonesia, jjrnal arthritis disease ranks second from osteoarthritis Juandy, Gout can disturb the comfort when on the move due to joint pain.

Besides, gout can also cause a high risk of complications such as Urolithiasis and acute uric acid Nephropathy.

Handling of such complications needs to receive appropriate treatment. Exercise is an effective way to lower uric acid levels. Twenty minutes of exercise per day is recommended to keep the body fit and reduce uric acid levels Mujianto, Gymnastics that can be done for elderly include 10 minutes gymnastics, Kegel exercises, yoga, tai-chi and ergonomic gymnastics.


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Materials Jurrnal Methods This research uses a quasi -experiment method with posttest control group design which is divided into two groups. The first group was the treatment group that received ergonomic exercise 3 times a week for four weeks, and the second group was the control group, the group legel received regular exercise routine every once a week. The reason for choosing the location is because this nursing home is the only one in the city.

The population in this study is all elderly in the nursing home. This way, the writers applied purposive random sampling. While exclusion criteria are elderly who are uncooperative and do not follow full activities, the old who consumes therapeutic drugs such as uric acid-lowering medicines, hypertension drugs, have other additional diseases and have a physical weakness injury. The sample size of this study was calculated using the Slovin formula Notoatmojo, and obtained a sample of 50 people.

Results Subjects in this study were elderly residing in nursing home Sintang Rangkang Tangkiling amounted to 50 people consisting of 25 elderly as the treatment group and 25 older as the control group. Based on Table 2 above the sejam age of respondents treated was Levels of uric acid in the treatment group and control group were assessed through checks performed before ergonomic exercise and after completion of exercises performed three times a week for four weeks for treatment group and one week per day for the control group.

These data suggest that uric acid levels between treatment groups and controls are not significantly different.

The difference in the mean value of uric acid levels before ergonomic gymnastics and regular exercise between treatment groups and the control group was – 0.

Homogeneity test aims to find out whether the variance of the research data homogeneous or not homogeneous. The following table shows homogeneity test between treatment group and control group.

In the table above uric acid levels iurnal ergonomic exercise in the treatment group decreased from 7. From the table, it can be explained that there is a significant jurrnal between ergonomic gymnastics with reduced uric acid in treatment group seen from the value of sig 0. Discussion Characteristics of research subjects indicated that the highest proportion was male. This condition is because the number of elderly in the nursing home is more male than female.


Out of the older adults in the nursing home, 55 keyel men and also samples who fulfilled the criteria and were willing to follow this study were more men. This is reinforced by Choi et.

This occurrence is in agreement with Kertia who argued that the older the male, the higher the possibility of gout disease. Doherty also said that gout is more suffered by men than women at the ratio 4: These results suggest that the prevalence of gout in men is greater than in women, which is The elderly tend to experience gout caused by a decrease in the production jurnao some enzymes and hormones in the body that play a role in the sfnam of uric acid.

The enzyme that plays a role in uric acid excretion ,egel is urokinase enzyme. This enzyme serves to convert uric acid into the alotonin form which will be excreted through urine. As a result, disruption of urination enzyme will affect the discharge of uric acid that can cause gout.

Kegel’s Exercise Decrease Urinary Incontinence For Postpartum Mother | Armini | Jurnal Ners

The result of data analysis shows that there is a significant change between ergonomic srnam and uric acid level of the respondent of treatment group which is proved by eenam. Conclusion The result of data analysis shows that there is a significant influence between ergonomic gymnastics with decreasing the uric acid level of elderly in nursing home Rangkang Tangkiling, Palangka Raya, Indonesia.

It is recommended to educate the public that physical exercise can improve health, especially physical activity with ergonomic gymnastics that is proven effective in lowering uric acid levels in the blood. Ergonomic gymnastics, uric acid, elderly, gout,Public Health and Community Medicine. Distribution of Respondents’ Characteristics by Gender. Distribution of Respondents’ Characteristics by Age. Homogeneity test of uric acid levels before and senzm ergonomic gymnastics and regular gymnastics.

Changes in average uric acid levels before and after gymnastics ergonomics and regular gymnastics.