This account of the conflict comes from Knytlinga Saga: The History of the Kings of Denmark, an anonymous chronicle that may have been. (The Saga of the Knýtlingar, i. e. descendents of Knútr). probably late s. Iceland. Old Norse. An Icelandic compilation about Danish kings. The author cannot. Knytlinga Saga has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Odense University Press (Denmark), pages, Hardcover.

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knyhlinga At an early age he was big and handsome, and better than others at most things. His son or one of three was Pribislav aka Fridleif?

Knytlinga saga –

Next morning, the king ordered them to put out to sea, and they began rowing against a raging gale. If knytling get back to your king, and if your words have any weight, I want you to find him a place in service: But a boy, you ship-batterer, when you launched your boat, no king younger than you yet cast off from his country: We thank Odense University Press and Hermann Palsson for giving us their permission to republish this section.

King Magnus won the victory there aided by the sanctity and miraculous intervention of his father Olaf, an innumerable host of the heathen.

Eventually the king arrives but the Danes had already disbanded leaving the Norwegians the only ones there ]. In all the battles they had fought against the Wends since the death of King Valdimar Knutsson, Archnbishop ABsalon had acted as commander and as counsellor to King Knut, and had he not been there they would not have gained such victories, for he came close to being the greatest ever campaigner and warrior here in the north.


The Spalatin Chronicle shows how it was done refers to earlier events but principle is the same.

The Jutes were envious, saying the Zealanders got all the money and they got nothing. Sophia went with her to Sweden and was raised at the Swedish court.

That same autumn the Danes made Sata Ulfsson their king, after which he laid the whole country under his rule and became king of it. In the need they decided to send messengers to the king sand asked his brother Olaf to undertake this mission, but he was reluctant and said tha the king would wish to come and go as it suited him.

Knytlinga saga | Danish mythology |

In the words of Ottar: The natives ,nytlinga together an army and went forward to fight the Danes, as Knytlinag Kolbeinsson tells: King Knut led his whole force up to London and after setting up camp, made an onslaught upon the town, described in the poem composed by his own troops: Many of them joined King Knut and he next went to Wolgast where he plundered and burnt all around.

After that the king went to burn inland, and spent the night setting fire to everything, after which, in the morning, he went back to the ships. The History of the Kings of Denmarkan anonymous chronicle that may have been written in Iceland in the mid-thirteenth century. Then King Knut, son of King Valdimar, was formally anointed king at the suggestion of his father and with the approval of the people of Denmark.

And he also composed this: The week passed and the messengers failed to return.

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Then the king went to his knhtlinga and sailed victoriously back to Denmark from Wendland, calling in first at Oeland, as Markus says:. When it began to grow light and the Germans saw what the Wends were up to, they rode back and fought and routed them.


They met in battle and Eirik won the victory, while Ulfkel was put to flight, as Thord Kolbeinsson tells in his Lay of Eirik: A digitally enhanced picture of the strapping philanderer. When King Valdimar heard about this he told his son Kristoforus and Bishop Absalon to defend the country, but not wishing to make their stand within the kingdom itself, they ordered a levy of one ship from each kknytlinga of Denmark for an expedition abroad.

Early in the morning while the bishop was singing Matins nine Wendish ships, all very large, came up and immediately began to attack them, but were chased off after a short skirmish.

Knut’s Invasion of England in 1015-16, according to the Knytlinga Saga

The Wends soon began to suffer heavy casualties, six thousand of them being killed by the Danes while the others knyylinga ran or, in many kngtlinga, were taken prisoner and brought down to the ships. Wealthy, warm-hearted, unblemished the warrior, mighty in memory and matters of the mind: They promised to keep the peace with all territories which the king did not wish them to plunder. In the autumn King Magnus fought another battle on the day before Michaelmas at the Konge River a little to the north of Hedeby on Lyrskov Heath, where he was fighting against the Wends.

It was then that Fridleif spoke up and said this was where his father had been killed. They were known as the Jomsvikings.