View and Download Korg ELECTRIBER ER-1 owner’s manual online. Rhythm Synthesizer. ELECTRIBER ER-1 Drums pdf manual download. Also for: Electribe . View and Download Korg ER-1mkII owner’s manual online. Rhythm Synthesizer. ER-1mkII Synthesizer pdf manual download. Also for: Electribe er-1 mkii. 13 user reviews on Korg ElecTribe Er-1 MkII. differences in the sound on the fly or you can look at the manual and get in depth and see what each knob does.

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Jorg in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user electribs. Our members also liked: Er1 by most recent most useful. Every sound is tweakable like a synth so that is a plus. The step sequencer is cool you can tweak your sounds and set up your patterns ont he fly with ease because you just click a sound pad and then click the steps on the sequencer where you want that sound to play. If you understand the concept of step sequencers it’s pretty much pick up and go.

On the tweaking hand, it is also pretty easy. You can just play with the knobs and hear the differences in the sound on the fly or you can look at the manual and get in depth and see what each knob does. Tweaking sounds was alittle confusing at first and I just msnual with them without knowing what I was actually changing but it’s user friendly and a good starting tool.

Every sound can be tweaked to make a ton of compelty new sounds but theres only so much you can tweak the eventually you get the same sounds after a while. Even with the tweaking, it’s not very in depth so the variations aren’t really wide.

The knobs aren’t really sturdy and you can wobble them, I didn’t like that. The pads were ok, a little stiff but they were solid. I am careful with my equipment so I can’t really say if it holds up to a a real strength test. It was cool to use sometimes. I would just sit down and and just start putting in patterns on the step sequencer easily and tweaking sounds on the fly. Originally posted on FutureProducers.

Did you find this review helpful? Everything has been said And what do you stop a bit anyway Wholesale buttons control the instrument “in progress”: I wish I could assign buttons to a instrument continuously, but hey, given in the context of the time it is anyway really intuitive way. Separate outputs have also been welcome The biggest concern for me is the bank access patterns.

The machine always starts on the A A button to switch from one bank to the other it would have been good. A numeric keypad, a luxury Similarly start some things reset syncro noon memory protect. Boring as the impossibility of erasing a beating. Frankly there are patterns to the limit of unlistenable. Like “ultra-goa-trance-hardtek-and-blues” you might want to delete quickly. Other, more traditional, sound not bad and gives a good impression of what it can do.


Because “it” can do! The synth engine is really not bad, although I find it hard to really get the “potato”. The progra is very simple, brief playing quickly with is very much alive, and for the price, no complaints. The sequencer is programmed “on Roland”, the shots when you know it is not out of place. In any case you should see the machine as a dedicated synth percussion, just a drum with static sounds.

Very low rating provides a very good rhythm box that fits quite well in a set “electro pop” cheap. My mininova adopted it immediately. My TR made him up.

I did that for a short time and I do not have all increased. But for now, I program my patterns, and I find my sound very quickly. I will not see the above other notices weak point: For those who base their services on the ground, I would advise them s’quiper a sampler and more. As for the report qualitprix, it is the only point that is unnanimite. Patterns Pattern 64 steps maximum per part – squence movements: Pressing two buttons and three rounds is played.

The manual is quite clear. I quickly read and then the rest, I discovered by myself. What I like about this drum machine is the lack of breath.

Downloads | ELECTRIBE-R mkII – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

The effects are good, easy to used and most useful. The expression is good, I like the medium Veloci keys, but it is quite correct.

Prefer that the sounds are from A. The ones I prefer are the least of Part C. I touch even when the rhythms and registered on Part D. Mankal I like least, virtually nothing has put the touch of bouotons I like not to death.

Sometimes lack of sound synths. Yes, they look like Fawn striking synth rhythm of 8 bits – Delay is nice because dlicat trs.

Delay knobs trsrceptifs but unfortunately a little fragile – His big, warm, well to be trs deep bass, but we can not get out of hand by sacrificing powerful trs polyphony for cross modulation. The Clap trs makes good but impossible to do half as slamming into synthse, although sr But against that ds’ styles dansce moves away, it quickly falls under the same trs kinds of sounds fast modulation random image, sound heavy and dull I really like my first piece in this genre, the others will hardly cartent – I possde his cousin ES1 is no comparison, but the interface is the same and I feel good with two els once dgots sounds good.

Here I am the happy owner of the Electribe A MK2 version since Tuesday ke and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the ease of editing sounds, and ke by how to play, ki is all just excelente. Before, I was kind of sound with Reason 2. Well I started out in music, but not even one week of play on it, I m already broke!


Korg Electribe ER-1 mkII Manuals

I highly recommend to people wanting a machine easy to use for the technology I am of the Tribe, Hardcore, and ke The manual is clear and readable. And it is convenient and sufficient. The sounds are warm enough, there may be sound as clean ke dirty and I’m k’avec a small tube compressor in addition, it must hit hard There are rotten Kelker patern notably those based on hip-hop Korg’s high quality lamps are equipped kom everyone should know Ke I love this, the Original Valve, ki, for example, allows you to find the value of waveforms, pitch Kelka in seconds, thanks to an LED.

But that c a detail. In short, a good little machine will ki good fun in the field of music excretion and especially for a low cost! But that one c ur story! C and frankly in. I think my predecessors have been around the issue. A lot of original sounds very focused and very electro. Only downside to the machine for my taste like what you really try before you buy, it is I do not regret my choice: Strange as a choice, but luckily the rest catches up this unfortunate gap.

Not easier to use this machine. A microwave is more complicated! And with respect to the manual, it’s the same, very clear, precise and concise. In short, that’s all good! For my part, I think it’s very subjective. Being from a middle-triphop electro-rock, I think this manal is perfect for additional rhythmic oriented jungle, dub and electropop pkoi not tecno or dance for the fans.

It may also have ryhtmiques oriented hip-hop and trip hop with a very original tempo without any concern. The real big problem is the lack of effects. For my part, I had no worries on that side because I already had the whole arsenal necessary, but beware of the bad surprise for those who are not equipped.

Ok, we have a very efficient delay-no complaints at it – but a saturation, a flanger and reverb electriibe have been another very tasteful A little disappointed by the lack of effect at the beginning, I still managed to draw something powerful and original to live.

So the choice I would do without hesitation. Unbeatable value for money! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.