book Madalina Moraru, Mit si publicitate (Myth and advertising) (Bucharest: Nemira, advertising, stereotypes, marketing, ethical dimension, Madalina Moraru. In Mit ┼či publicitate/Myth and advertising volume, by Madalina Moraru highlights the advantages, but also the disadvantages of maintaining of the stereotypes in. Madalina Moraru, University of Bucharest, Facultatea de Jurnalism si Myth and Advertising/Mit si publicitate, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House more.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. This paper aims to draw a connection between certain mythical aspects and campaigns for alcoholic drinks by discovering archetypes related to primordial creation.

For this reason, the study analyzed TV commercials for a wide range of For this reason, the study analyzed TV commercials for a wide range of alcoholic drinks, focusing on the specific context of their creation as reflected by the scripts. This research reveals that the production process of any drink may be associated with the story of Genesis, because beverages make use of similar material and immaterial archetypes of creation, although within the advertising realm. Their advertising purpose is profane, but the brand image becomes sacred by developing the myth of eternal return to the time of Genesis.

Social and Cultural Anthropology. Archetypes and Patterns and Advertising and Branding. Transition from Communism to Democracy in Romanian Advertising more. Communism was one of the most powerful social philosophies of the past century.

Mit Si Publicitate de Madalina Moraru – Free Download PDF

In Eastern-European countries, it established a mmit type of globalization based on similar lifestyles and political systems. Everything functioned as in Everything functioned as in a factory, based on the same regulations, constantly estranged from the capitalist world, mostly characterized by freedom of choice, variety, autonomy, media and business. On November 10ththe fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of the destruction of this apparently invincible communist puzzle.

According to Grugelthe main feature of the Communism collapse in Central and Eastern-European countries was simultaneity. In a sense, Central and Eastern European countries reacted similarly to this transition from an authoritarian, dictatorial system to a democratic one, but they proceeded to adapt differently to the Western mentality. Even publicitat, this political situation is far from stable, as citizens of formerly communist countries need time to learn to live and work differently, after so many years of monopoly.

Reshaping American Identity through Advertising. Advertising and Globalization and Glocalization. Medieval History, Modern Mythistory. By Gary Dickson more. European Legacy-toward New Paradigms. Philosophy and Historical Studies. AdvertisingStorytellingand Storyteller. The madaina dimension of the advertising discourse-thesis abstract more. Our present research compared the ways several important brands on the Romanian market have promoted their values before and after by using TV and online channels of communication.

Inthe Romanian Audio-visual Emergency Inthe Romanian Audio-visual Emergency Ordinance 25 was passed to regulate a prior decision of The main goal of Law 25 was to limit the involvement of the advertising industry in establishing and negotiating media contracts on behalf of clients. Our main hypothesis led us to a straightforward conclusion: Representations of Elderly People in Romanian Advertising more.


207391067 Mit Si Publicitate de Madalina Moraru

The present paper intends to illustrate the way the image of the elderly in advertising has been conveyed during the last 25 years, after the fall of Communism in Romania.

Ageing became a real issue in Romania, because there is a huge gap Besides, this social category is not adaptable to changes and approaches technology in a range of different ways. Considering this context, this paper aims to discover how elderly people accept novelty, information and communication technology in a country with an ageing population.

The purpose is to reveal several profiles of ageing in contact with technology, based on the selected sample of advertisements. The main hypothesis is that elderly people step beyond age borders only under certain circumstances they are very interested in the product or when they are deeply influenced by young people.

Consequently, the study investigates this problem by using content analysis applied to a sample of approximately advertisements running on television on the Romanian market for global and local brands.

The most relvant categories for this study are electronics, cell-phones, and computers. In conclusion, ageing was not completely ignored in Romanian advertising, but its perception has different perspectives.

Cultural History and Advertising and Branding. Local Identity on Facebook Platform: This paper aims to present the way a European food retailer came closer to the Romanian target by delivering a campaign entitled Romanian Flavours mostly in the online environment and in Mega Image stores. The campaign consists in The campaign consists in promoting local products under the brand Romanian Flavors, well-known on the market ever since Even if the retailer particularly commercializes Delhaize products, this campaign was meant to create a traditional atmosphere, gain customers’ trust and make a difference between the global and local market.

Advertising and Marketing Communications.

In the beginning of the social media era, the relationship between online and offline advertising was competitive in terms of efficiency and target appeal. Accordingly, account planners and copywriters started to organize campaigns on Accordingly, account planners and copywriters started to organize campaigns on both levels, adjusting the promotional message according mot each channel.

Mobile phone brands were among the first to adopt this strategy.

This happened because, their services were addressed to various demographics and efficient communication engages consumers in virtual communities. Moreover, the mobile phone category requires frequent updates and the most effective way to understand consumer behavior is to pursue them daily. Our research aims to analyze the online communication of four madslina mobile morarj brands from different countries: We investigated their online campaigns and brand activities between and focusing on their use of the social platform Facebook.

Facebook, advertising, mobile phones, consumers. Romanian advertising tried to recover the political gap it was left behind Europe after the Communist eraand accomplished this by means of importing external models and reconstructing the image of old surviving brands. The political integration into the European Union was a good start for changes in Mmit advertising, which became less local due to globalization. The difference between global and local features depends on the consumer, whose age and experience demand specific values.


Given this image translation, Romanian commercials may publiditate easily classified as traditional commercials, imported models and a mixture of both resembling to a metaphorical centaur. Obviously, globalization appropriates the last two types, based on building some common brand image patterns and their creative is.

The present research focuses on identifying local features in order to make a comparison with the global characteristics. The research method will be the content analysis applied on a sample of commercials of brands belonging to the following categories: The results of this study will be representative for the quantitative and qualitative approach.

European identity cultural, linguistic and political identitypositioning strategy for example, the one based on time is, specific morraru traditional commercialsbrand identity. Our main hypothesis is to identify the European impact on Romanian advertising, and we will support it by analyzing different brands international and local belonging to the same product categories.

Thus, similarities and distinctions will be more obvious, justifying the contamination of local values by European features. Additionally, this research aims to identify some moragu of preserving national identity in local commercials either for European brands or for Romanian ones, from different points of view such as topic, linguistic tools, narrative structures, personalities.

Madalina Moraru | University of Bucharest –

At the end of this study, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of creating a chameleonic identity for the brands by importing external values. The main challenge of this research is to prove that national identity has been equally developed in commercials broadcast not only for local brands, but for global brands as well, due to consumer needs and insight.

Moreover, another issue this study is going to answer to regards pyblicitate way European brands are perceived by consumers in local commercials on the Romanian market.

Establishing the relationship between European and Romanian advertising implies answering the following questions: Do European brands emphasize the values of their country of origin, or are they similar to other global brands?

Can we really talk about publlicitate Romanian identity in this context phblicitate assimilation of European values and lifestyles?

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